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Career Services Mission Statement

Murray State University Career Services is a comprehensive career department dedicated to assisting Murray State students, alums, faculty, staff, and employers with all aspects of career development/recruitment in a positive, inclusive, and welcoming environment empowering them with the tools and skills necessary to succeed in their career path.

Meet the Staff

Picture of Matt
Matthew Purdy
about Matt

Matt Purdy received his Master of Business Administration in 2006 and did a Marketing degree in 2004. Matt is originally from Carbondale, Illinois and enjoys barbecuing, technology and family. He got into Career Services and planned to only stay for 6-12 months while he looked for a real job, which was 10 years ago! He is one of the lucky few that can honestly say that he loves his job! His favorite career hack is getting in touch with people through mutual contacts/friends. His favorite thing about Career Services in how dedicated the Career Services team is!

Colleen Anderson
Administrative Assistant
about Colleen

Colleen Anderson received her Masters in Human Development in May 2017 and got a degree in Physical Education in 1986. Colleen is originally from Ridgway, Illinois and enjoys reading, playing games, watching movies and working outside. She is a widow with three children and three grandchildren. She was a Camp Director for 23 years before coming to Murray in 2009 and to Career Services in 2015. Every October, she becomes someone different when she portrays different characters at Talon Falls Scream Park! Her favorite career hack is to research the company and ask questions at the end. Her favorite thing about Career Services is the people!

 Picture of Hannah
Hannah Carroll
Internship Coordinator
about Hannah

Hannah received her Bachelors degree in Organizational Communication with a minor in Youth & Nonprofit Leadership in 2010. She also got her Masters in Human Development and Leadership in 2012. She is from Bardstown, Kentucky and enjoys camping at LBL, reading, Netflix, playing with her dogs and visiting friends. Hannah loves Murray State University, married a Murray native and loves spending time outdoors with her two dogs. Hannah also loves to laugh, help others, and spend the day with family and friends. Her favorite career hack is following up! She says to "send that thank you card, send that email, take the time to visit the business if that is what you discussed. Always follow-up!" Her favorite thing about Career Services is the family atmosphere; she says "everyone is really excited to help students find a career in any way possible they can!"

Picture of Travis
Travis Plunkett
Employer Relations Coordinator
about Travis

Travis Plunkett is a Postsecondary Education in Student Affairs major who graduated in December 2018. He is from Smithland, Kentucky and enjoys kayaking, disc golf and going on adventures. Travis served as the Graduate Assistant for the Career Services office for almost two years until he moved into the position of Employer Relations Coordinator. He is also an avid Pokemon Go player! His favorite career hack is networking with individuals whom you don't know and learning about their company/institution. His favorite thing about Career Services is the family-like atmosphere.

Picture of Jordan
Jordan Garner 
Peer Career Advisor
about Jordan

Jordan Garner is a Business & Marketing Education major who will graduate in May 2020. He is from Murray, Kentucky and enjoys football and basketball. He is a senior at Murray State and is a huge sports fan. His favorite career hack is if it takes less than five minutes, do it now. It will lighten your workload and relieve stress. His favorite thing about Career Services is the family atmosphere.

Picture of Jacob
Jacob Littlefield 
Peer Career Advisor 
About Jacob

Jacob is majoring in Occupational Safety and Health and will graduate in December 2019. He is from LaGrange, Kentucky and enjoys hiking, exercising at the gym and playing basketball and volleyball. He was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and has played football for almost 12 years now. His favorite team is the Louisville Cards! He decided to go to Murray State because of the opportunities and programs that were available to him as well as the fact that his older brother and sister both attend school at Murray State. His favorite career hack is that active listening will show an employer or employee that you are interested and care about what they have to say, ask questions! His favorite thing about Career Services is that we get to help students develop into more professional adults.

Picture of Amara
Amara Stroud
Peer Career Advisor 
About Amara

Amara is majoring in Secondary English Education and will graduate in May 2022! She is from Greenville, Kentucky and enjoys playing the piano, playing with her dog, Max, and performing in theatrical productions. She is really excited about exploring new ideas during her time here at Murray State. Her favorite career hack is following up after giving assignments. She always tries to follow up and make sure everything is finished if she assigns a project to someone. Her favorite thing about the Career Services office is how student-oriented it is.

Picture of Audrey
Audrey Fulton
Graduate Assistant
About Audrey

Audrey is a graduate student getting her Master of Science in Agriculture with a focus on Ag Education and is on track to graduate in May 2020. She is from Springfield, Tennessee and loves to kayak, paint kindness rocks and go fishing. She received her bachelor's degree in Agriculture with a concentration in Agri-business in 2017. She was also an Environmental Education Apprentice at Land Between the Lakes, which encouraged her to come to Murray State for an Agriculture Education degree in hopes of becoming a 4-H Agent in the future. Her favorite career hack is to find volunteer opportunities with organizations you may be interested in having a career with in the future, so you can gain valuable experience that can be added to a resume. Her favorite thing about Career Services is being able to positively impact students and their future career decisions.

 Picture of Ian
Ian Puckett
Peer Career Advisor 
About Ian

Ian is a sophomore at Murray State University. He is planning on attaining a degree in Nonprofit Leadership Studies/Management. He is a huge Star Wars fan and enjoys Yoga, is a coffee connoisseur, and enjoys listening to Led Zeppelin.His favorite career hack is networking with individuals face to face. His favorite thing about Career Services is the friendship and flexbility of the office.

About Emily

Coming Soon!

Picture of Michaela
Michaela Manley
Graduate Assistant
About Michaela

Michaela received her Bachelor degree in Marketing in May 2019. She is from Benton, Kentucky and enjoys playing basketball, learning to cook, and anything that involves being outside. Michaela was a former Lady Racer from 2015-2019. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration here at Murray State. Her favorite career hack is to always ask questions and have as many connections as possible. Her favorite thing about Career Services is the many resources that are available for preparing and finding a job.

Office Hours
Fall & Spring: Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Summer: Monday – Friday | 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Walk-In Appointment Hours
Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Summer: 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM)
Walk-In Appointments Available: Resumes, Cover Letters, & Basic Questions
Scheduled Appointments
Please schedule appointments on murraystate.joinhandshake.com or call us at 270.809.3735.
Scheduled Appointments are required for Major/Minor Counseling, Career Assessments, & Mock Interviews. 
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