Adverse weather

University Weather Alerts

Below are three broad categories of inclement weather related actions for the campus. For all three, the President will make the decision on the appropriate action to take, if any. When inclement weather is present in the region, all faculty are expected to work with students in regards to class attendance and assignments. Supervisors are also expected to work with staff within existing policies and procedures.

University Weather Advisory: Rather than deciding to close the university or to cancel classes, the President may authorize the issuance of University Weather Advisory. This will be a safety advisory only and will not entail the cancellation of classes or closure of the campus.

University Weather Cancellation of Classes: The President may authorize the cancellation of classes or a delayed starting time for classes. This scenario does not include the closure of the campus. The campus will remain open and all personnel are expected to report to work.

University Campus Closure: The President may authorize the closure of campus. A closure time will be declared. All events will be canceled and facilities, with the exception of residence halls and the Winslow Cafeteria, will be closed.

Weather notifications will be communicated via (1) All user email (2) University Facebook account (3) University Twitter account (4) Murray State Home page and (5) WKMS-FM. In addition, when the classes are canceled or delayed, communication will be released through (1) University text message for those opting in to text services (2) WPSD-TV and (3) The Murray State News.

Please click here for more detailed information and procedures regarding these possible actions. (PDF updated 01-04-2017)

Mobile Alerts

If the university campus is closed or classes are canceled or delayed, mobile alerts will be sent to notify campus personnel. Visit to sign-up. Anyone may sign up and opt-in for mobile alerts.