NSSE 2007

Nationally, more than 1,458,000 students at nearly 1,200 different four-year colleges and universities participated in the survey thus far. The instrument is not meant to provide year-to-year comparison.

At Murray State, surveys are mailed to a randomly selected group of 400 freshmen and 400 seniors. Students are given the option to respond by mail or on the web. Murray State University's response rate is 46%. The response rate for Kentucky Institutions is 24%. It is 29% for Master's Institutions and 30% for all NSSE Institutions. The Kentucky Consortium will participate in NSSE again in 2009.

Benchmark Report: More detailed information about the benchmarks can be found on the NSSE website at http://nsse.iub.edu.

Groups of items from the survey are assigned to five clusters of similar activities and conditions to make up the national benchmarks of effective educational practice. The summary of Murray State's data is displayed at NSSE2007.pdf. The benchmark scores are presented and compared to schools in Murray State's consortium, Carnegie Classification, and the NSSE national norms.. 

The Excel file of the frequency, etc. is available for your review at NSSE2007.xls.

There is also a .pdf file of questions included in each area, available at nssebyarea07.pdf. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. This software is free and may be downloaded at Adobe.