Racer Proud Program

At Murray State University, we are committed to being the pre-eminent, student-centered university in the country. And it’s not just a brag point. It’s our mission. The Racer Proud Program recognizes faculty and staff who go above and beyond their assigned duties to help students succeed.

  1. Lapel pins have been distributed to Racer Proud Ambassadors on each campus, and when they see a faculty or staff member helping a student, they’ll give that person a pin.
  2. If you get a pin and see someone else going out of their way to help a student, you are encouraged to give them your pin.

It’s that simple.

When you see someone wearing a Racer Proud lapel pin, you know that they too value student success and building a better Murray State community.

And, if you receive a pin, be sure to share your story with Branding, Marketing, and Communication! The BMC staff will be highlighting Racer Proud stories in Racer Nation Information, on social media, Roundabout U, and the website.

Share your story (you have 3 options)

  • Fill out the online form 
  • Fill out the postcard and drop it in campus mail. 
    Postcards are available from any Racer Proud Ambassador or from the BMC staff. 
  • Take a selfie when you get your pin and send it to msu.racerproud@murraystate.edu

Murray State University is a community committed to student success.

Let’s be Racer Proud!

  1. Help a student.
  2. Get a pin.
  3. Share your story.
  4. Pay it forward.