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    The SDS Testing Center provides testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities who have registered with the Office of Student Disability Services. 

    If you are registered with the Office of Student Disability Services, and you are eligible for testing accommodations, you may register with the SDS Testing Center by completing the registration paperwork in the packet below.  There is a voting information sheet that tells us if you would like to register to vote, a Student Information Sheet, a Consent Form, and a Testing Accommodation Request Form. This form tells us which classes you are requesting testing accommodations for, as well as which additional accommodations you would like for each class (i.e. reader, scribe, etc. - based on eligibility).  Once received, your accommodation forms will be prepared, and you will receive an email from the SDS Testing Center with the forms attached. 


    SDS Testing Registration Paperwork - This registration paperwork needs to be downloaded using Adobe. Do not try to complete it in an internet browser viewer. Once the forms are completed, save the file and attach it to an email back to us at msu.accesstesting@murraystate. edu. We look forward to working with you!

Students may also complete their SDS Testing Accommodation Request Form in person by visiting the SDS Testing Center on the 4th floor of Wells Hall.


Students who are eligible to receive testing accommodations may schedule their tests/exams/quizzes with the SDS Testing Center by accessing the SDS Testing Center Scheduling Request Form below.   Students can schedule up to 2 tests/exams/quizzes at a time using the online form. For additional scheduling, simply submit another form. Please remember we request three business days’ notice before scheduling a test/exam/quiz.


SDS Testing Center Scheduling Request Form


Students may also schedule their exams:

  1. In-Person: You can schedule in-person with one of our Graduate Assistants in Wells Hall 417 or 413, or with the Testing Center Supervisor in Wells Hall 418.
  2. By Phone: You can call us at 270-809-2018 and ask for the Testing Center.
  3. By Email: You can email us at