Project Pass

Project Pass - Program for Achieving Student Success

This program provides a more comprehensive level of support for incoming freshmen or new transfer students. In addition to necessary accommodations; PROJECT PASS includes the following areas of support:

Extra Help during Summer Orientation – (No additional fee). Student Disability Services staff members are available to help with the selection of courses.

Smooth Move Into College – (Fee is approximately $150.00). Incoming Project PASS freshmen will be allowed to move into their Murray State residential college three full days before the rest of the incoming freshmen. This extra time allows for a more leisurely move in as well as provides two days of study skills workshops to ensure a more successful transition to college. (Vocational Rehabilitation may pay this fee).

Specialized Classes – (No additional fee).

    • FYE 098 - New Student Orientation. (fall semester-freshman year). This one-credit course is designed to assist SDS students with the development of necessary skills for a successful first semester in college.
    • ESS 120 - College Study Skills.  This two-credit course is designed to assist SDS students with instruction in improving their study skills. Emphasis is placed on transferring learned information to be applied to other courses.
    • FYE 100 - Transitions II.  This is a one-credit course in which students will meet one on one with a staff member. Students who receive below a 2.5 GPA in their fall semester will be required to meet weekly. Students who receive above a 2.5 will be required to meet monthly. 
    • GUI 100 - Self-Development and Career Exploration. This three-credit hour course is specifically designed (through self-discovery and career exploration content activities) to assist those student who have not declared a major. This course is typically taken during the second semester-freshman year or during the sophomore year. 
    • ESS 121 - Advanced Reading and Study Skills Improvement. This one-credit course is a continuation of college study skills. It is designed to be taken in conjunction with CIV 201 (World Civilizations, a general education course requirement) - sophomore year or later.

Project Mentor

Students can request 1-6 hours a week of mentoring. Students receive individualized assistance with learning effective strategies for organizing and studying course-related assignments. This work may include any of the following: content tutoring, organization/time management skills, writing skills and test-taking strategies.

A minimum of two hours per week is recommended for the first three semesters at Murray State University.

  • 2 hours a week= 450 a semester
  • 3 hours a week= 675 a semester
  • 4 hours a week= 900 a semester
  • 5 hours a week= 1125 a semester
  • 6 hours a week= 1350 a semester

(Kentucky Vocational Rehabilitation will pay this fee for eligible students.)

Students who voluntarily access the PROJECT PASS program must use all available support services (mentoring, testing, support classes, advising) for the required two semesters.