Self-Help Resources

Resources related to the coronavirus and coping during this difficult time:

5 Ways to Guard Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak

living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty (available in several languages)

Free online meditation resources for COVID-19

 Mindfulness for your everyday life

 Berkeley counselors give self-care tips

 Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety

 6 Minutes to Calm

 Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe

TAO mindfulness videos

 Self Help Worksheets
-Worksheets for improving your emotional and mental health.
-A guide for improving your emotional and mental health.
-Teaches mindfulness skills that can help you train your mind, relieve stress, and stay in the present moment.
-Learn to treat yourself with kindness and build your self-esteem.
-Pictures and sounds to soothe your mind.

Apps (Android and IOS):
CBT Thought Diary – Challenge negative thinking
MindShift – Tools for managing anxiety
Woebot  A fully automated conversational agent
peacefulheartnetwork  – self help for trauma
Sleepio  – Sleep aid

Sanvello – Anxiety, stress, & depression relief
Insight Timer A collection of mindfulness and meditation resources
Relax Lite – Stress relief
Daylio – Mood tracker
eMoods – Bipolar mood tracker
Moodpath – Mood tools for depression and anxiety
Gottman Carddecks – Activities for couples
Smiling Mind – Meditation
Headspace – Mindfulness skills
Relax Melodies – Sleep sounds
MyPlan – Resources for women in unhealthy relationships
AIMS – Anger management skills
Calm Harm – Challenge self-harm thoughts and behaviors
Suicide Safety Plan – Suicide prevention