Great Beginnings Leader

Helping Others  |  Sharing Experiences  |  Leading Peers

These words embody the true spirit of a fantastic Great Beginnings Leader (GBL).  Join us this fall!

The GBLs are the first people to make a positive impression on new students and their families. GBLs primary goals are to: (1) Welcome new students, (2) Advocate for Great Beginnings events, (3) Help students navigate campus and available resources, and (4) promote the Residential College System and the Murray State University community. GBLs help first-year and transfer students make the transition into college and serve as a mentor and supporter; they serve as welcoming ambassadors to new students and their families.

 **The Application is now closed for Fall 2019 GBL applications**

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Required Qualifications

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA (including transfer hours) and be in good academic standing. Each GBL must also have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the end of the spring/summer semester of 2019. **Please Note: If selected and your cumulative GPA falls below the 2.5 threshold after spring/summer grades are posted, the GBL will be disqualified from the candidate pool**
  • Passed a minimum of 24 hours by the end of the Spring 2019 semester
  • Returning to Murray State in the fall as a full-time (registered in min of 12 credits) undergraduate student
  • Sincere desire to support Murray State's new students
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good sense of humor balanced by a sense of responsibility
  • Willing to accept a challenge and to step out of comfort zone
  • Strong internal motivation to succeed personally and in all Murray/State/Residential College Activities
  • Strong work ethic and willingness to work as a team
  • Recognition that being a GBL is a serious and rewarding summer and fall commitment
  • Desire to achieve excellence

PLEASE NOTE: Applicant/GBL will be disqualified and/or dismissed if involved in any campus disciplinary action

Benefits to GBL's

  • Acquire and develop your leadership skills and add these and mentoring skills to your resume
  • Develop professional and personal relationships
  • Represent and promote your Residential College
  • Share your love of Murray State University
  • Free T-Shirt and Swag bag with essentials for training
  • Move-In Early (Sunday evening, August 11, 2019) (**Dates may be subject to change**)
  • All meals during 2 day training period along with one meal per day for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday following training will be included through Winslow
  • NEW THIS FALL!! Potential for earning a $250 Scholarship and/or Flex money

Requirements and Expectations of a GBL

  • Available for ALL training sessions (August 12th, 13th and evening of Aug 14th and ALL Required Great Beginnings Programming events starting with Move-In Day (**dates may be subject to change)
  • Checking your MSU email, phone message and texts, and any other group messaging system (i.e. Group me) through the summer and in to fall semester to stay informed
  • Willing and able to assist new students for the duration of the Great Beginnings Programming schedule throughout the fall semester
  • Lead, manage and facilitate a group of new students as they transition into MSU
  • Serve as an academic and social role model for all students
  • Acquaint new students with campus services, activities, facilities and encourage them to actively participate in the MSU environment through a positive and professional manner
  • Conduct informative, friendly and engaging small group meetings when necessary
  • Continue to interact and communicate with your students through their first year at MSU and beyond
  • Be approachable and respectful to all students and families at all times
  • Act as a resource person to incoming students and their families by sharing knowledge of MSU, its programs and services (We do not expect you to be an expert! If you are not sure please ask a Student Affairs representative for help!)
  • Work with faculty, staff, other student leaders and administrators to facilitate the success of your students
  • Contact a Student Affairs representative in case of an emergency

Not fulfilling duties of the GBL position

Although this rarely happens and hope it never does please review information below regarding any disciplinary action:

  • You will be given one verbal warning if you are not fulfilling the duties of a GBL
  • After this warning, if you are still not fulfilling the duties, you will be asked to step down from your position with the following consequences:
    1. If GBL misses more than two (2) required Great Beginnings events,  you will be terminated from your position and must return shirt and swag bag along with refunding of any monies provided for being a GBL.                           AND/OR
    2. If GBL fails to fulfill the duties of the GBL position including missing any required training sessions,  you will be required to payback the price of meals, early move-in fees, flex money, shirt and swag bag that the Division of Student Affairs provides during training

Want to be a GBL Captain?

If you desire to take on an additional leadership role as a GBL, please indicate this on your GBL application along with any other required information.  Captains are chosen by the Student Engagement and Success Staff with input from College Heads and any other pertinent information that may be provided.  There are typically two (2) captains per Residential College. Captains Expectations are listed below:

  • You will act as the primary point of contact for the Student Engagement and Success team for your Residential College (Peggy, Kate and LuLu)
  • You will respond in a timely manner to the requests of the SES team
  • You will act as the point of contact and leader for your assigned GBL teams within your residential college
  • You will communicate any information provided to you as a captain directly to the other GBL's in your Res. College in a timely manner and ensure they have full understanding of all directions and what is expected of them
  • In an emergency, you will act as the first point of contact for your GBL leaders. If an issues needs to be escalated, the captain is expected to contact a member of the SES team (Peggy, Kate, LuLu) to help get the situation resolved
  • Provide guidance and leadership for the other GBL's 
  • Show energy and enthusiasm through the GBL experience

Testimonials from former GBL Leaders

      " Being a GBL gives an opportunity to meet with so many new students at Murray State and allows you to help them grow through their first semester here! Being involved on campus allowed me to help guide students into something that they are interested in."


Vanessa Smith

GBL Fall 2018


"Being a GBL has filled me with more joy than I could have ever imagined. I truly believe we are an essential part of the transition into Murray State and make a lasting first impression on new students. I have made countless new friends, most of which I am still great friends with today. Go Racers! "


Noah Pike

GBL Fall 2018



What can new students expect from their GBL

Your Great Beginnings Leader is a current involved MSU student who will lead you and small groups of students from their respective residential college through all of the Great Beginnings Events starting the Saturday before school starts! These student leaders will help you navigate campus and answer questions about available resources, activities and services.  Furthermore, GBL's help first-year and transfer students make the transition into college and serve as a mentor and supporter; they serve as welcoming ambassadors to new students and their families.  They will share their Racer Experience with you and help you begin yours through Great Beginnings! 


If you have any questions, please contact: or 270.809.5344 or 270.809.2274