Expected costs


2018-2019 FEE SCHEDULE

ESL Fees:  
Application Fee (one-time fee - includes express mailing)   
Airport Pick-Up Fee (the nearest international airport is 2 hours from campus; it is necessary for you to request airport pick-up if you need our staff to pick you up; you will be billed this amount after your arrival; please note that taxi service would cost much more and may not be reliable; the airport pick-up charge is non-refundable unless you cancel at least 4 hours prior to your original arrival time)  $75.00 (if arriving during shuttle service times)  
   $125.00 (if arriving at any time other than shuttle service times) 
Tuition (one 8-week term)   $1,550.00
Administrative Fee (one 8-week term)  $150.00
Technology Fee (one 8-week term)  $15.00
Institutional TOEFL Placement Test (one-time fee upon enrollment; students are required to take a placement test regardless of any past TOEFL scores - any additional tests including an exit test are charged when taken)  $30.00
Campus Wellness Center Fee (per semester)  $36.00
Student Identification Card (one-time fee)  $20.00
Books (approximate cost per 8-week term)  $350.00
Health Insurance (health insurance is mandatory for international students; you can purchase health insurance in your country & bring proof of coverage, or you can purchase it after you arrive (approximate cost per one 8-week term)  $136.00
Deposit for Residence Hall  $150.00
Shared Room in Residence Hall  (one 8-week term)  $1,356.00
Shared Room in Residence Hall  (per 16-week semester)  $2,712.00
Private Room in Residence Hall  (one 8-week term)  $1,951.00
Private Room in Residence Hall  (per 16-week semester)  $3,902.00
Deposit for College Court Apartments  $150.00
College Court Apartment Rent – One Bedroom (per month)  $477.00
College Court Apartment Rent – Two Bedrooms (per month)  $579.00
Dining Services   
All Access  (per 16 week semester)  $1,883.00

Please note that all fees are subject to change without notice and that there is a $20.00 service charge on all returned checks.

*Dorm fees are based on the second lowest rate for Hart Hall, Regents Hall and White Hall. The lowest rate for a shared room is $2,467 per semester for a shared room in Springer II Hall and Original Richmond. The two higher rates are $2,958 per semester for a shared room in Elizabeth Hall and Hester Hall and $3,387 per semester for a shared room in Lee Clark Hall and HC Franklin, respectively.  For more information about housing rates, please go to http://www.murraystate.edu/campus/Housing/housingrates.aspx.

Campus housing and meals will be billed on a weekly pro-rated basis for students who stay less than the full university semester (less than 16 weeks).