International Education Week

Celebrate international education at Murray State November 17th thru the 21st.

The Institute for International Studies invites you to join any and all of the events Murray State will showcase for IEW. You'll see events across the curriculum. As Murray State incorporates all aspects of international education into the campus fabric, IEW is an avenue to inform and share with the campus the international research, teaching, scholarship, and student dynamics we have right here at home.

Understanding One Another: A Global Endeavor
International Education Week
November 17-21, 2014

Schedule updated November 5th. Return here for updates throughout the month and during IEW.
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International Cuisine Week

Daily, 10:30-2:30, Thoroughbred Room International Menu
Chinese Chicken Salad

Tuesday Malaysian Roasted Chicken,
Beef & Noodle Curry, Malaysian Coconut Rice, Sit Fried Kai Lan (broccoli), Fried Banana Fritters, Rice Noodles with Tofu


Chicken Tacos
Veggie Tacos
Beef Tacos
Mexican Rice
Refried Beans
Mexicali Vegetables

Tres Leche Cake

Chicken Pho Ga (soup)


Monday, November 17th

CC Rocking Chair Lounge

Activities to Expand Your Mind: Enjoy hands-on activities that will ask you to identify your own geographic and cultural background. -Sponsored by the College of Education and Human Services Human Development and Leadership “Group Processes” class (HDL 692)

  • 11:00-2:00 Leadership Tree of Cultures: This interactive activity will show how leadership is affected by multiple factors and perspectives around the world.
  • 2:00-5:00 Global Adventures: A collage of the places Murray State students, faculty, and staff call their home.

11:00-11:30a   CC Barkley Room

Understanding Higher Education Abroad: Impressions from the Fulbright Education Administrators Program in the United Kingdom

In August, 2013, the presenter participated in the Fulbright International Education Administrators Program in the United Kingdom. Eleven UK universities were visited in the three week program, with participants taking part in seminars, interactive briefings, workgroups, and cultural events at each institution. These meetings focused on higher education policy, administration, and internationalization efforts, and provided an opportunity for discussion with influential members of UK governmental, education, and economic agencies. The presentation will summarize the Fulbright IEA program, with observations and impressions of the similarities and differences in higher education in the US and UK. – Steve Cobb, Dean, Jones College of Science, Engineering, & Technology
12:00-1:00p   CC Barkley Room

The University Library’s Contribution to Student Success: International Students’ Perspectives
This open discussion session will give an opportunity for international students to share their library experiences here and in their home countries. This session will also be an opportunity for them to discuss their perspectives of university libraries and their expectations of library resources, services, and facilities.

– Moderator Pali De Silva, Assistant Professor, Research and Instruction Librarian
  CC Cumberland Room

Course Design Project: Travelling around the World
The "Travelling around the World" course project has been designed to provide students with vital knowledge of language and culture so that they can communicate successfully when travelling and studying abroad. The presentation discusses the course significance, its goals and objectives, and useful classroom activities for ESL/EFL teachers.  TESOL Graduate Students Nhu Le, Amjad Almotaery, Hajar Alhajri
  CC Mississippi Room

Of Conflict and Opportunity: An Exploration of the Historical and Contemporary Relationship between Africans from the Continent, and within the Diaspora

A facilitated conversation between Africans throughout the diaspora (Africans, African-Americans, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino), as a means to explore over-arching misconceptions, deep-rooted contentions, and opportunities for healing and moving forward as a more reflective, responsible global community.  Tracie Q. Gilbert, '14-'15 Minority Faculty Fellow, Psychology/Gender & Diversity Studies; Bellarmine Ezumah, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Mass Communications
2:00-2:30p   CC Barkley Room

Lighting the Candle: How a Winter Study Abroad Program inspired my involvement in Amnesty International

During Murray State University’s Winter 2013 term the speaker participated in the "Human Rights: Paris & London" study abroad program with students from a variety of academic disciplines. This exposure combined with a visit to Amnesty International’s United Kingdom headquarters inspired a desire to campaign for Human Rights on Murray State’s home campus. Benjamin Linzy, Student and Group Coordinator for Amnesty International at Murray State
  CC Barkley Room

Holistic Wellness of International College Students: Qualitative Findings

This presentation will report initial findings of a study aiming to construct a comprehensive instrument to assess the perceptions and behaviors of health and wellness among international students. Participants are encouraged to take part in an open floor discussion at the end of the presentation to share questions or comments. – Emily Davies, Research Assistant in Community Health; Professors Samir Patel, College of Education & Human Services, and Francis Pleban, School of Nursing & Health Professions

Tuesday, November 18th

11:00a-12:15p   CC Barkley Room  

Qingdao, Memories and Possibilities

This panel will provide both student and faculty perspectives to studying and teaching abroad, reporting on their recent visit to Qingdao Agricultural University. Students will reflect on their experiences in and out of the classroom and opportunities afforded them for cultural exchange. Faculty will discuss their experiences and future opportunities. –Latricia Trites, Professor of TESOL & English; Jim Bryant, Professor of Art & Design;  Iin Handayani, Associate Professor of Agriculture, Jie Wu, Assistant Professor of Chinese; Diana Beasley, graduate student; Jessica Andersen, undergraduate student; Meagan Fraizer, undergraduate student; Dollie Alexander, undergraduate student

11:00-11:30   CC Mississippi Room   Education of Students with Disabilities in India
This session will focus on educational opportunities available to students with disabilities in India. The presenter will compare and contrast policy and practice issues between the United States and India. He will also share his observations about a number of related issues during his recent trip to India.
– Ajay Das, Assistant Professor, College of Education & Human Services
1:00p-1:45p   CC Barkley Room

Exploring Your World with Data Visualization: Mining Global Demographic Data for Teaching and Research

Participants are invited to bring laptops and follow along in this interactive workshop. It will cover an online global data visualization system as well as's proprietary online mapping system, RacerGISOnline, and how it can be used to explore international data in teaching and research. – Fred Miller, Distinguished Professor, Management, Marketing, and Business Administration
2:00p-3:00p   CC Stables

Aizome: A Hands on Experience with Japanese Tie- Dyeing

Aizome is the traditional Japanese art of using indigo dyes to make intricate designs on various types of cloths. Still prevalent after hundreds of years of practice, aizome is one of Japan's subtle traditions that still flourish in the world today. – Jessica Alford (Psychology) and Trevor Cardwell (Music Education), Students 

3:00p-4:00p   CC Mississippi Room  

Beyond the Diary of Anne Frank: Adolescent Literature about the Holocaust

Why teach the Holocaust?  The answer to this question will be explored and participants will view several excellent books that are appropriate for adolescents and young adults.  Public school library holdings concerning the Holocaust and the inclusion of the Holocaust in widely-used U.S. and world history textbooks will also be discussed. – Bonnie Higginson, Regents Professor Emeritus, College of Education and Human Services

CC Rocking Chair Lounge

Activities to Expand Your Mind: Enjoy hands-on activities that will ask you to identify your own geographic and cultural background. -Sponsored by the College of Education and Human Services Human Development and Leadership “Group Processes” class (HDL 692)

  • 3:00-6:00 Understanding Yourself in a Global Society: A jungle atmosphere where community can guess which animal most suits their personality and temperament.
  • 4:00-7:00 International Heart: An interactive art activity to open a dialogue about diversity and inclusiveness.

3:30p   BB 455

Experience Scotland Application & Information Session
Study abroad? Learn about Scottish independence firsthand? Live in a castle? Sign me up. Learn about the Experience Scotland study abroad program and work with an Education Abroad Advisor to start or complete your application. Travel with Murray State faculty, Dr. Jim McCoy, for the fall program in Scotland, along with other Murray State students. Experience Scotland offers the following subject areas this year: 

  • Summer 2015: Business, Creative Writing, Economics, Education, Gender Studies, International Business, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, Wellness
  • Fall 2015:  British History, Creative Writing, Intercultural Communication, International Business, Principles of Microeconomics, Public Speaking, Scottish Culture & History, Theatre
- Kathy Callahan, Murray State Experience Scotland Representative and Faculty; Jim McCoy, Experience Scotland Fall 2015 faculty; Steven Guns, Education Abroad Advisor

3:45p-5:15p   CC Barkley Room
  Modern Language Colloquium
-moderator Mica Garrett
  • Adam Colwart, " Absurdism and Suicide- Analysis and Apology for Camus' Myth of Sisyphus”
  • Otisa Eads, "The Sense of Belonging and Science Fiction in Oscar Wao”
  • Josh Chambers, "A Psychological Interpretation of Slavery: Isolation in Sab and Autobiografia de un esclavo”
  • Mark Boian, "A War of Pride and Prejudice”
  • Britney Boston, "An Analysis of Romanticism in Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda's Sab"
4:00p-5:00p   CC Cumberland Room

Kansai Manzai

Japan's Kansai area is famous for Manzai, but what is Manzai? Kansai? We'll tell you about everything! Comedy, warmth, and too many puns. Featuring students from two Kansai universities, KGU and Tenri, we'll introduce our experiences and culture to you. And you'll want to go to Japan too! To Kansai! – Rebekah Elkins, student and President of Japanese Club; Students Sarah Allen,  Akane Hori, Misa Nakamura, and Chiaki Suga

5:30p-6:30p   CC Stables

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

A one-hour workshop on the art of Chinese calligraphy, both theory and practice. It will provide ample hands-on experience of writing well-balanced Chinese characters with a brush and ink. – Jie Wu, Department of Modern Languages

6:30p-8:00p   CC Dance Lounge  

Traveling Trivia: Questions from Across the World!

Come one, come all and enjoy a night of trivia from around the world. Prizes for those who can prove their global knowledge outranks the rest.
– Study Abroad Peer Advisors Bekah Russell (Business Administration) and  Morgan Huston (Occupational Safety & Health)


Wednesday, November 19th


CC Ballroom

International Bazaar
International student showcase of more than 40 countries throughout the globe. Experience culture through food, art, language, music, dress, dance, and more.

-Sponsored by the International Student Organizations

11:00a-12:15p    CC Barkley Room
Experiential Education Abroad: It’s Not a Tour and It Sure Ain’t Vacation
This panel of faculty presents amazing experiential activities for students on Murray State-designed programs across the globe. Students: Learn about opportunities across the curriculum for hands-on study abroad in your field. Faculty: Find out how to create your own experiential education abroad program. Come one, come all, and find out how faculty have turned on the learning light bulbs in Agriculture, Education, History, Nursing, and Telecommunications Systems Management.  Panelists: Michelle Santiago, Agriculture; Pam Matlock, Education; Kathy Callahan, History; Dana Manley, Nursing; and Marcia Combs, Telecommunications Systems Management. Moderator: Melanie McCallon Seib, Education Abroad.

  CC Rocking Chair Lounge

Activities to Expand Your Mind: Enjoy hands-on activities that will ask you to identify your own geographic and cultural background. -Sponsored by the College of Education and Human Services Human Development and Leadership “Group Processes” class (HDL 692)

  • 1:00-4:00 Life Values: What do you value most in life? This interactive activity will help you learn about life values and how your choice can impact your future.
  CC Barkley Room
Iraq & Syria: Understanding the Islamic State Phenomenon
What explains the phenomena of ISIS or IS and an alphabet soup of extremist and terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria? What does it all mean for the future of Iraq, Syria and the whole Middle East? Does it matter to the United States? The panelists will explain the developments in Iraq and Syria and answer questions from the audience. – Panelists: Professors Taufiq Rashid and Zach Heern, Department of History; Ihsan Alkhatib, Department of Political Science & Sociology

  CC Cumberland Room
A Comparison of Chinese & American Education Systems: Pros & Cons
This presentation compares the current education systems in China and in the US, including but not limited to the structure, content, and implementation process. It provides information on how and what Chinese students in public schools (primary & secondary) as well as in colleges learn differently from American students. – Echo Wu, Assistant Professor, College of Education & Human Services; Robin Zhang, Professor, Jones College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

  CC Mississippi Room
Scottish Nationalism vs British Nationalism
The Scots came close to declaring independence from the United Kingdom in the referendum on September 15th much to the dismay of the Scottish Nationalists who had campaigned so fervently.  Among the Unionists rejoicing at the result are the British National Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party.  The SNP have very different views of nationalism from the BNP and UKIP--so different that the social media have been red hot in their discussions during the campaign.  Why this difference?  Johan Koren, Associate Professor, College of Education & Human Services

  CC Ohio Room
Cultural Differences with France: Aspects of Being an Exchange Student
A presentation of the cultural differences between the U.S. and France and the life of a French study abroad student in the U.S. – Adrien Guiddoum, French Business Student from Saint-Etienne
; Tim Johnston, Professor of Marketing

  CC Barkley Room
Forgotten Stories: Women in the Middle East
This panel will provide a discussion on women in today's middle east. Students, community members, faculty, and staff will be discussing transitions from middle eastern culture to western culture, engaging in stereotypes about middle eastern women, and shedding light on issues related to women and gender in the middle east. – Jamie Booth, Education Abroad Advisor; Ben Linzy, History Student; Fadwa Altoub & Mona Heern, Panelists

  CC Theatre

Global Alumni Distinguished Lecture Series  -Sponsored by Alumni Affairs
The 9th annual Global Alumni Lecture Series invites students, faculty, and staff to learn how Murray State’s distinguished alumni are taking their place in global affairs. This year’s GALS will feature:

  • Col Lucretia McClenny, '72 Nursing, Director of the Center for Minority Veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Retired
  • Sonja Martinez ’07 MBA, Program Manager for Intertek Sustainability Solutions
  • Kristie Helms, '93 Journalism, Vice President and Global Head of Promotions and Social Business within the Global Marketing Department at State Street Corporation
- Moderated by Melanie McCallon Seib, Education Abroad


Thursday, November 20th

 11:00a-1:00p   CC Dance Lounge
Education Abroad Poster Session
  • Mercedes Smith (Agriculture Education) and Randy McStoots (Agriculture Education): Teachers Discovering Agriculture through Panama
  • Samuel Baum (History): Women, Castles, and Warfare! Oh My!
 11:30a-12:30p   Faculty Development Center: 107 Applied Science
    Teach Abroad IS For You, I Promise (brown bag lunch)
Discover a plethora of teach abroad opportunities and learn how you can teach that course you’ve always dreamed of. Learn how teach abroad works from idea development to the application of your course to the tenure, review, and promotion process, to the support network available to guide you through the process. Bring your brown bag lunch and gather information to apply for a program now or in the future. – Melanie McCallon Seib, Education Abroad Director
 12:30-1:00p   CC Mississippi Room
    “House of Cards” in a Comparative Perspective: Is Hollywood Telling Us the Truth?
How real is the “House of Cards” and other Hollywood portrayals of American Government? How do scandals and corruption of the American government stack up against other countries? Drew Seib, Assistant Professor, Political Science
 12:30-1:15p   CC Cumberland Room
    East Meets West: How Does This Work in Hong Kong? My Three-Month Stay Perspective
In this open-forum presentation, I will share my three-month cultural traveler perspective on HK with you to show how East Meets West in this multicultural and multilinguistic society. Very interesting and exciting examples, pictures and videos will be integrated in this interactive presentation. Come, you will love Hong Kong!  – Saihua Xia, Associate Professor, TESOL

 2:00-3:00p   CC Barkley Room
    Perspectives on Cultural Competence in Health Care
A forum highlighting cultural perspectives on health care evaluation, treatment, and more from the United States and abroad. Audience participation is encouraged.  – Kristan Yates, Assistant Professor, Athletic Training Program Director; Amelia Dodd, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science Program Director; Jeremy Erdmann, Instructor, Athletic Training Clinical Education Coordinator

 4:00p    FH 505

Genocide in the Spanish Civil War
This paper examines the Spanish Civil War in genocidal terms, observing the atrocities committed by both sides during the conflict that raged during the years 1936-1939.  By reading Paul Preston’s book The Spanish Holocaust, numerous correspondents’ accounts, and archives from the World Trade Organization, historians can understand how the Spanish Civil War took on genocidal characteristics, especially in the aftermath of the war when Franco effectively came to power and continued his systematic killing of political and social opponents. - Sam Baum, History Graduate Student, Hammack Scholar

-Sponsored by the Department of History Research Forum

 5:00-5:45p   CC Barkley Room
    Music: The Common Language of the World
Every culture across the globe uses music as a means of communication and entertainment. People will be exposed to differences in music, both in the way music is written and its impact on local culture. There will be also be a live performance. – Trevor Cardwell, Music Education Student

Residential Colleges

International Food Competition
Join the Residential Colleges as they battle it out to become the 2014 International Food Champions. Will Richmond defend its title as Champion? This second annual battle will feature cuisine from the following countries/regions, with times indicating when judges will arrive at each college:

  • 7:30 Hester, Italy
  • 8:00 White, Ivory Coast
  • 8:30 Richmond, Guam
  • 9:00 Lee-Clark, Afghanistan
  • 9:30 Springer-Franklin, South Korea
Judges from the Global Campus Committee will focus on taste, originality, authenticity, and presentation. Audience judging will be encouraged and considered in the awarding of the 2014 Champion, who will receive a trophy and cuisine acclaim.

Friday, November 21st


CC Barkley Room

Environmentalism in Japan: Past, Present, and Future
Environmentalism in Japan, in particular environmental chemistry and environmental education, is the focus of this session. We will review environmental problems in Japan during the 20th century, looking at the causes, implications, and responses. Current and future issues, including the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster, will be discussed. – David Allen, Assistant Professor, College of Education & Human Services; Bommanna Loganathan, Professor, Jones College of Science, Engineering, & Technology; William Mitchner, Graduate Assistant


CC Mississippi Room

Fast Food in Spain: How Speedy Convenience is Battling Relaxed, Traditional Meals
Spanish culture is limiting the success of fast food restaurants in Spain, while at the same time the presence of fast food options is becoming part of an increasingly convenient way of life. – Sarah Reynolds, International Business Student

1:00-2:00p   CC Barkley Room   Human Rights in Pop Culture: Wicked, Harry Potter and Beyond
Explore the exciting and magical worlds of Harry Potter, Wicked, and more, and their connection with human rights. This study abroad experience will demonstrate that human rights are still present in popular culture even in today’s modern society. – Erin Shaughnessy, Political Science Student
Questions? Call the Education Abroad Office, (270) 809-2277

or email

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