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“The Old Country Church” is a project by tenor Randall Black and pianist/arranger Marie Taylor to support the music ministry of churches whose staff or membership desires musical guidance or leadership.  It has also been brought to our attention that hymn singing is very beneficial to those residing in nursing facilities, particularly Alzheimer’s patients. The hymns are listed alphabetically as well as topically. If you are in need of a recording using piano and voice or only piano to lead hymn singing for church or religious services, or for leading singing in a nursing facility, feel free to download these hymns or use them directly from the web.

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Please share this site with your friends, ministers, congregations, and nursing facilities.

What does this music cost?


In fact, everyone associated with this project is donating time, talent, and energy. This site is to assist churches with hymn singing for church or religious services and nursing facilities-there is absolutely no charge. We also recognize that many will wish to download these pieces simply for listening, or to sing along with them at home or in the car. If you choose to do so, we ask that you donate money to some organization to benefit music. It can be to the music ministry of your home church, or to a music scholarship fund.

For those of you able to contribute, the Marie Holifield Taylor Scholarship and the Dr. Randall Black Achievement Scholarship have been established at the Murray State University Foundation. Marie had a distinguished teaching career at Murray State for over 30 years and continues her music ministry today. Each week she visits one or two nursing homes in the Murray community to play hymns and favorite songs for the residents. Dr. Black begins his 30th year of teaching at Murray State this year.

You can make a donation in a variety of ways:

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Many thanks to the Murray State University Department of Music, Pamela Wurgler (chair for use of facilities), Scott Thile (for piano tuning), Justin Patton (sound engineer), and Dr. Terry Fuqua (web master).