CHA Faculty

Faculty are an essential part of what makes the Commonwealth Honors Academy prestigious and special. Faculty develop 3-week courses that challenge and inspire talented high school students. In addition to teaching courses, faculty help lead personal growth seminars, community meetings, and get to know their bright students through fun activities.

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Qualifications & Important Dates

In order to satisfy SACS requirements, Commonwealth Honors Academy teachers must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and 18 graduate hours in their teaching area.

Important Dates

  • Applications due: Feburary 1
  • Training weekend: April 12-13
  • Planning week: June 4-7 (Faculty arrive June 5)
  • CHA: June 8-29

Contact Us

If you have questions about faculty roles and responsibilities, please contact Dr. Laura Sullivan-Beckers at

Leadership Team

  • Laura Sullivan-Beckers, Academic Dean
  • Melanie McCallon Seib, Student Life Dean
  • Jonathan Durr, Counseling Director

Compensation and Conditions

Time for faculty to work together to develop curriculum is crucial to the success of the Commonwealth Honors Academy. Therefore, faculty members are required to participate in one weekend planning session (April 11-12) and to arrive on campus on June 5th to finalize plans for CHA. An additional Zoom meeting may be required prior to the start of the academy.

Faculty availability in and out of the classroom is key to the development of the living-learning community at CHA. Therefore, faculty are encouraged to eat lunch and/or dinner with students, be available during office hours, attend seminars, and some of the guest speakers and extra-curricular activities. Faculty are not expected to live in the dorms. Local faculty are expected to live at their own homes.

Compensation is $6,500.00 with daily lunches and dinners provided during the Academy. Housing is available for faculty who do not live in or near Murray.