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The MSU Center aims to develop in K-12 young people the economic knowledge and decision making skills they will need throughout their lives as family members, workers, citizens and business, labor, government and community leaders. The MSU Center employs multiple strategies in pursuit of its mission—

  • support economic and entrepreneurial education training to teachers who in turn will teach students;
  • produce and distribute teaching materials for use by teachers in K-12 classrooms throughout the curriculum;
  • maintain an affiliation with the National Council on Economic Education and the Kentucky Council on Economic Education to draw upon their strength in national and state programming, curriculum materials, basic research and public awareness of the need for economic education;
  • involve local business and community organizations in implementing economic education into the service-area schools.




The 2014 Excellence in Economic

Education Award Winner:



Kelly Myers

Hopkinsville High School


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 The Center Director in Action:

If you are interested in inviting the director to speak to your class about economic and/or financial literacy topics 


 Ballard County Elementary (2014)




Central Elementary - Marshall County (2014)



Benton Elementary - Marshall County (2014)



North Livingston County Elementary (2014)




Calloway County Middle School (2013)





Caldwell County Middle School (2013)





Other Teacher Resources:



A. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

1. Millionaire Game Lesson PPT Slides

2. Millionaire Game Pre/Post Test

3. Millionaire Game Score Sheet

4. Online Quiz (similar but not the exact same)





B. The Economics of Seinfeld


  1. Website
  2. Conference Presentation
  3. Sample PPT Slides for Seinfeld Clips
  4. Seinfeld Videos Correlated with National Standards in Economics
  5. National Standards in Economics Correlated with Seinfeld Videos
  6. National Standards in Economics Correlated with Kentucky State Standards in Economics




C. Tutorial Videos Correlated with Kentucky Standards in Economics


Kentucky Core Academic Standards (June 2013)

Links for free videos on main economic concepts:







Economic Systems and Institutions






Production, Distribution, and Consumption



For more information, please contact:


Todd Broker, Director
307G Business Building
Murray, KY 42071
Telephone: (270) 809-5193
Fax: (270) 809-5478 


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