Center for Economic Education

The Murray State Center aims to develop in K-12 young people the economic knowledge and decision making skills they will

need throughout their lives as family members, workers, citizens and business, labor, government and community

leaders. The Murray State Center employs multiple strategies in pursuit of its mission to:

  • support economic and entrepreneurial education training to teachers who in turn will teach students;
  • produce and distribute teaching materials for use by teachers in K-12 classrooms throughout the curriculum;
  • maintain an affiliation with the National Council on Economic Education and the Kentucky Council on Economic Education to draw upon their strength in national and state programming, curriculum materials, basic research and public awareness of the need for economic education;
  • involve local business and community organizations in implementing economic education into the service-area schools.

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FREE Online Teacher Resources for Economics & Personal Finance:

FREE resources from the St. Louis Fed: Econ Lowdown

Econ Lowdown

FREE resources from the Council on Economic Education: Econ Ed Link

Econ Ed Link

For more information, please contact:

Todd Broker

Todd Broker
KY Stock Market Game Coordinator Director of the Center for Economic Education
Bauernfeind College of Business Murray State University
307 Business Building
Murray, KY 42071
Telephone: (270) 809-5193
Fax: (270) 809-5478