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Gender and Diversity Studies

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Gender and Diversity Studies

Today's workplace, regardless of your chosen profession, demands an awareness of, and an appreciation for, the spectrum of issues related to gender and diversity. Gain a competitive edge through these interdisciplinary programs. Whether you're pursuing a career in business, communications, the arts, education, health, humanities, social sciences, or human services, these programs can only benefit you as an informed citizen and a successful professional.

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Gender and Diversity Studies Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Gender and Diversity Studies Minor 

Gender and Diversity Studies Programs

Graduate Programs

Gender Studies Graduate Certificate

Associated Faculty

 Josh Adair

Dr. Josh Adair
Assistant Professor of English
Coordinator, Gender and Diversity Studies Programs

 Ihsan Alkhatib

Dr. Ihsan Alkhatib
Assistant Professor of Government, Law, and International Affairs

 GDS Faculty Kevin Binfield

Dr. Kevin Binfield
Professor of English

 Kathy Callahan

Dr. Kathy Callahan
Assistant Professor of History

 Alicia Carthell

Alicia Carthell
Lecturer of English

 Judy Crofton

Judy Bush Crofton

 GDS Faculty Laura Dawkins

Dr. Laura Dawkins
Professor of English

 Cynthia Gayman

Dr. Cynthia Gayman
Associate Professor of Philosophy

 Sarah Gutwirth

Prof. Sarah Gutwirth
Professor of Painting

 Dr. Marjorie L. Hilton

Dr. Marjorie L. Hilton
Assistant Professor of History

 Carrie Jerrell

Dr. Carrie Jerrell
Assistant Professor of English

 Timothy Johns GDS Faculty

Dr. Timothy Johns
Assistant Professor of English

 GDS Faculty Peter Murphy

Dr. Peter Murphy
Professor of English

 Danielle Nielsen Dr. Danielle Nielsen
Assistant Professor of English
 Jeff Osborne

Dr. Jeff Osborne
Associate Professor of English

 Taufiq Rashid

Taufiq Rashid
Lecturer of History

 GDS Faculty Staci Stone Dr. Staci Stone
Associate Professor of English
Chair, Department of English and Philosophy
 Kelley Wezner

Dr. Kelley Wezner
Office of Institutional Effectiveness


FALL 2014

What is Queer?
Does Identity matter? Does Failure liberate? Are you a Subject or an Object? Spend a semester reading, thinking, discussing and writing about these questions. Sign up for the Fall 2014 course GDS-690: Identity, Politics, Queer Theory and the Self

GDS 690 Fall 2014 Murray State

Our complete listing of Fall 2014 course offerings is now available. Find the list in the right-hand column of our curriculum page.


Dr. Josh Adair

7B-14 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341



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