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Scott Byrd
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Dr. Scott Byrd

Dr. Scott Byrd's CV

My research focuses primarily on investigating the dynamics of globalization and development, social movement organizations, and environmental policy. Recent projects investigate the influence of indigenous and other marginalized groups on the United Nations climate change negotiations and the depoliticizing effects of international development aid. I employ a diversity of approaches both qualitative and quantitative including network analysis, hierarchical models, and organizational ethnography.  

At Murray State University I teach upper level courses on social movements, political sociology, organizations, globalization, and environmental sociology as well as core classes in research methods, introduction to sociology, and social problems. Another rewarding aspect of teaching is helping my undergraduate students obtain study abroad assignments and internships in other countries. My students have gone on to conduct research in Thailand and the Caribbean and to study abroad in Europe and East Asia.

Fall 2013 Classes: 

        Introduction to Sociology (SOC 133) | Syllabus

        Crowds, Cults and Social Movements (SOC 432)


        Sociology of Organizations (SOC 335)


Spring 2013 Classes: 

        Environmental Sociology (SOC 455) | Syllabus

        Political Sociology (SOC 305) | Syllabus

  Social Problems (SOC 231)

 Current and past projects involving students include:

  • Understanding the relationship between indigenous science, climate justice activism and the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)
  • Examining both the interactive environments (between other farms and organizations) of community supported agriculture (CSAs) projects and the attitudes of CSA members.
  • Investigating the flows and effects of climate change adaption funds and the implementation of clean development mechanism projects in Latin American countries.

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