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Biology Personnel


ArkovArkov, Alexey, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (cell biology, developmental genetics) (2007). BS, Moscow State University (Russia); MS, Moscow State University, Moscow; PhD, University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center. email Dr. Arkov | Arkov Lab.

BeckersBeckers, Oliver M., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (behavioral ecology, evolution, animal communication) (2014). MS, Friedrich-Alexander University (Germany); PhD, University of Missouri Columbia. email Dr. Beckers | Beckers lab.

CanningCanning, David R.,
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (developmental biology) (1996). BSc [hons], Manchester University; DPhil, University of Oxford. Houston Endowed Chair of Pre-Medicine. email Dr. Canning.

CaudellCaudell, Joe N., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (wildlife damage management, wildlife diseases, wildlife economics, environmental education) (2013). BSFR, University of Georgia; MS and PhD, Utah State University. email Dr. Caudell | Caudell lab.

DertingDerting, Terry L., Professor of Biological Sciences (physiological ecology, bioethics, mammalogy and undergraduate STEM education reform) (1993). BA, Mount Holyoke College; MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; PhD, Indiana University. email Dr. Derting | Derting lab.

Duobinins GrayDuobinis-Gray, Leon F., Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (parasitology, invertebrate zoology, histology, microscopy) (1988). BS, MS, East Tennessee State University; PhD, Louisiana State University. email Dr. Duobinis-Gray.

FlinnFlinn, Michael, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (aquatic ecology, freshwater invertebrates) (2008) BS, Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota; MS, Kansas State University; PhD. Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. email Dr. Flinn, Graduate Coordinator | Flinn lab.

FullerFuller, Claire A., Chair, Professor of Biological Sciences (ecological parasitologist, behavioral ecology, population biology) (1997). BA, University of California, San Diego; MS, PhD, Oregon State University. email Dr. Fuller | Fuller lab.

GagnonGagnon, Paul R., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and Watershed Studies Institute (plant ecology, disturbance ecology, population biology) (2011). BA, Baylor University, Waco, TX; MFS, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies; PhD, Louisiana State University. email Dr. Gagnon | Gagnon lab.

HeHe, Kate S., Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (quantitative ecology, community and landscape ecology, biostatistics, conservation biology and environmental sciences) (2005). BS, MS, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, China; PhD, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. email Dr. He | He lab.


Hendricks, Susan P., Senior Research Scientist (Limnology, stream ecology, hyporheic processes) (1999). BS, University of Michigan (Botany), MA, Western Michigan University (Botany), PhD, University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources (Aquatic Ecology). email Dr. Hendricks | Hendricks lab.

JohnstonJohnston, Timothy C., Professor of Biological Sciences (molecular biology, microbiology) (1986). BA, Harding College; MS, Murray State University; PhD, Southern Illinois University. email Dr. Johnston

Nakamura, Suguru., Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (renal and cardiovascular physiology) (2003). MD, Jiangxi Medical University; PhD, Tokyo Medical and Dental University. email Dr. Nakamura | Nakamura lab.

Saar, Dayle E.,
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Curator, MSU Herbarium (molecular systematics, plant biology, phylo- and biogeography, plant ecology, bioinformatics, conservation and population biology) (2004). BS, Benedictine University, Illinois; MBA, North Texas State University, Denton, TX; MS, PhD, Northern Illinois University. email Dr. Saar. 

Spier, Timothy W., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (fisheries and aquatic studies) (2014). BS, Truman State University; MS, Morehead State University; PhD, University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale. email Dr. Spier | Spier lab.

Trzepacz, Chris., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (molecular genetics, cell and developmental biology) (2008) BS, University of Massachusetts Amherst; PhD. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Ohio. email Dr. Trzepacz.

White, David S., Director, Hancock Biological Station, Professor of Biological Sciences (limnology, benthic invertebrate ecology) (1988). AB, MA, DePauw University; PhD, University of Louisville. email Dr. White | White lab.

Whiteman, Howard H., Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of Watershed Studies Institute (evolutionary and behavioral ecology, conservation biology) (1996). BS, Allegheny College; PhD, Purdue University. email Dr. Whiteman | Whiteman lab.

Wright, Sterling N., Associate Professor of Biological Sciences (neurobiology) (1998). BS, Texas Tech University; MS, Texas Tech University; PhD, University of Texas at Austin. email Dr. Wright | Wright lab.

ZeRuth, Gary T., Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (cell, molecular and developmental biology, physiology) (2014). BS, PhD, University of South Florida. email Dr. ZeRuth | Zeruth Lab.

Recent emeritus faculty

martinMartin, Robert A., Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences (mammal evolution, paleoecology) (1993). BA, Hofstra University; MS, Tulane University; PhD, University of Florida. Martin homepage.

Timmons, Tom J., Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences (fisheries biology) (1982). BS, Iowa State University; MS, Tennessee Technological University; PhD, Auburn University. email Dr. Timmons.

White, Stephen B., Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Emeritus (ornithology, wildlife biology and management, animal damage control) (1981). BS, West Virginia University; MS, Colorado State University; PhD, Ohio State University. 

Zimmerer, Edmund J., Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences, Emeritus (behavioral genetics, molecular genetics, herpetology) (1989). BS, Moravian College; MS, PhD, Rutgers University. email Dr. Zimmerer.

Adjuncts, Lecturers and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Fadden, Steve, Adjunct Professor (wildlife biology) (2014). BS, MS, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; PhD, in progress, SIUC.

Gao, Ming, Postdoctoral Researcher (developmental biology) (2011). BS, Wuhan University, China; PhD, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Lackey, Alycia R., Postdoctoral Researcher of Biological Sciences and Watershed Studies Institute (evolutionary and behavioral ecology, conservation biology) (2014). BS, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; PhD, Michigan State University. 

Passmore, Heather A., Adjunct Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher (plant ecology, disturbance ecology, biological networks and biology education research) (2011). BA, Earlham College, Indiana; PhD, Louisiana State University. 

Sabahi, Ali. Adjunct Professor, (molecular and cellular biology) (2013). BS, Southern University, Louisiana; PhD, Tulane University, Louisiana.

Sullivan-Beckers, Laura, Adjunct Professor (behavioral ecology) (2014). BA (Spanish), University of Tulsa, Oklahoma; BS, Northeastern State University, Oklahoma; PhD, University of Missouri.



Plummer, Deborah. Administrative Assistant 

Liz Ridley, Accounting Assistant

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