Simultaneous membership program

In this program, a student is in the National Guard or Reserves while simultaneously enrolled in ROTC classes. Beginning the sophomore year, you can make a commitment to become and Army Officer and earn nearly $1,200 per month. This is dependent on which service (National Guard or Reserves) you choose and what benefits you are entitled to.

For the duration that you are in college you will be assigned to a unit and conduct an internship as an Officer. The benefit of this is overwhelming because you will obtain leadership experience at an actual Army unit, and have the opportunity for your tuition/school to be paid.  Upon graduating from Murray State University, you can serve on Active Duty or you can stay in the Reserve Component that you were in as a "SMP Cadet".

There are so many possibilities and options with SMP that you must contact the ROTC Scholarship and Enrollment Officer to see what is best for YOU.  Please call (270) 809-5064 or email

Service Contact Information

Army National Guard Career Counselor

SSG James Jones

Ph:  (270) 226-9543!/pages/Murray-                              KY/Murray-Kentucky-National-Guard-Recruiting-Office/122036001180427

Army Reserve Career Counselor

SFC William Vanover

Ph:  (270) 442-2949


Units in our area

438th Military Police - Murray, KY - (270) 753-4042

A Co. 1st/149th BSB - Benton, KY - (270) 205-0355

2113th Transportation Co. - Paducah, KY - (502) 607-3821


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