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White college is a cohesive, energetic community that seeks to broaden the learning experience at Murray State beyond the traditional classroom. Central to achieving this goal is the community that develops among the White college's students and it's affiliated faculty, staff members and visiting scholars. White College sponsors a broad range of informal cultural and intellectual activities. The intellectual liveliness and student-faculty contact of the college is balanced by a rich array of student-organized social events throughout the year.  

Our goal is to provide an educational opportunity for students to learn from living in a group environment. Through this experience, they are exposed to issues of compromise, relationship building, diversity, consideration, problem solving and developing life skills. Our emphasis is to build character so that when our students go into the world of work, they can be successful and contribute to society. Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that reflects high ethical standards representative of the Murray State creed. 

A Sense of Community

White College is more than just a place to live. Students participate in academic, social, and philanthropic activities, and enjoy informal contact with the faculty, staff members, and visiting scholars who volunteer to serve as members. The White College RCC student body provides social programs and activities that help students make new friends and get involved through social and cultural or sporting activities.  The Mission of the White College Honor Society is to encourage and honor academic achievement and to foster personal and professional excellence. The Honor Society elects men and women who have distinguished themselves with outstanding scholarship and character.  

White College Residential Advisers support the university’s recruitment and retention initiatives by coordinating events, activities, and services that integrate new students socially and academically into the Murray State community.  

White College Residential advisers provide programs and services that assist students with their social and academic transition into the university.  

Opportunities for Leadership and Fun

Through participation in the activities, students have the opportunity to work with faculty and administrators to help shape the social and academic programming. We support philanthropic and volunteer programs that give students opportunities for contact with the community beyond the University.  

First Year Leader (FYL) assists freshmen in making positive choices about their academic and social experiences. The primary focus is to network with the student group assigned to the FYL and to maintain ongoing contact throughout the first year.   

We are committed to nurturing the development of self-sufficient, responsible freshmen who have a successful college experience that culminates in graduation. The FYL supports new students’ transition by obtaining information and providing assistance.  

First-Year Leaders are students who have been trained to offer educational outreach to freshmen. Their mentoring helps new freshmen students succeed in the classroom and elsewhere on campus.  

Special Programs

White College supports Relay for Life each year through several programs that allow students the opportunity to socialize while at the same time raising funds for our Relay for Life team.  

Informal Contact with Faculty

We would like to thank our Faculty Volunteer Tutors for their valuable contributions to the success of our students. We value the knowledge, experience, and expertise Faculty Volunteer Tutors bring to the White College community. We offer opportunities for students to pursue intellectual and personal enrichment in a supportive educational environment.  The White College strives to serve the needs of our residential college community through the continuous improvement and development of services, resources, and special projects.  

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White College Points of Pride:

  • Third place in All Campus Sing 2014 in the Residential College division
  • Audience Favorite in the Best Residential College Debate Society 2014 
  • Winner of the 2012, 2013 and 2014. Provost Premiere Debate
  • Champion team for the Residential College Academic Team Tourney 2012,2013
  • Undefeated Residential College Academic Team 11-0 2012-2013 and currently 2-0 for this year!

White College Awards 2014

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Our Mission

The mission of the Murray State University Residental College System is to provide engaging living and learning communities for MSU resident and commuter students, with the participation of faculty and professional staff. We promote student retention through graduation by providing living-learning communities which foster student involvment, competition, leadership development, and service, while promoting an appreciation for diversity and individual differences.





MSU is using this acronym to summerize our mission objectives, using this "buzz word" you can remember our objectives.

D: Diversity

R: Retention

I: Involvment

L: Learning

L: Leadership.

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