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Our Programs

Below you will find descriptions of our annual programs.  Please see our Calendar of Events for dates and times.  If you are interested in participating in any of these events in any capacity please contact the Women’s Center at 270-809-3140 or by email at msu.womenscenter@murraystate.


Take Back the Night: Take Back the Night is an annual program that occurs in the early fall. It is a rally that joins together the campus, community, student organizations, and Greek organizations to raise awareness about rape and sexual assault. This program consists of musicians, testimonies, poetry, and speakers. 


Clothesline Exhibit: The Clothesline Exhibit is a program that confronts the topic of interpersonal violence (i.e. rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and stalking). Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to create shirts that tell their story by decorating the shirt in whichever way is beneficial for them. 


Crazy in Love Exhibit: Crazy in Love is an interactive, walk-through program that sheds light on the issue of domestic violence. You follow a college couple from when they start dating and follow their story as their relationship progresses. This program helps communicate the signs of an unhealthy relationship, and how important it is to know and understand what a healthy relationship is and what it is not. 


Stalking Forum: This program consists of a panel of faculty and staff from the university speaking on the issue of stalking specifically on college campuses and how it pertains to college students. The Stalking Forum discusses the issues of how technology plays a role in stalking, what steps to take if you are being stalked, and legislation that refers to stalking. 


Room with a View: Room with a View is an interactive, walk-through exhibit that brings the issue of eating disorders to the surface. You walk through the life of a student who is in her freshman year of college and struggles to deal with the highs and lows of college. She turns to an eating disorder to help her cope, but soon finds out that it consumes her life. She comes to terms with the fact that she can't live her life with an eating disorder and reaches out for help and recovery. This program is a unique way of communicating the warning signs and consequences of eating disorders. 


Unwritten: This program is an open discussion with female faculty members about their career paths. Students are encouraged to ask questions and receive advice about their future careers and lives. This program is stepping stone for creating mentoring relationships with female faculty on campus and students who are in the same field. 


Celebrate Women Luncheon: This annual event occurs in the month of March which is Women's History Month. We honor women, past and present that have made advancements for women everywhere. Each year we gather together as a campus community and celebrate that journey that has been made for equality for women. We celebrate with musicians, speakers, and we also present awards to faculty and staff members that have improved the life of women on our campus. 


One Day without Shoes: One Day without Shoes is a program that raises awareness about the issue of poverty and AIDs in Africa. During this day in April we go without shoes in support of the thousands of men, women, and children in Africa that are forced to go without shoes everyday and subject themselves to diseases and infections. To us, shoes are something that we take for granted, however, in other countries they are few and far between and have different affects on the lives of people every minute of every day. Visit for more information about this movement!


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