Town and Gown


    Imagine a mayor and university president sitting down together regularly and talking over the events, issues, and circumstances that have affected both the town and the school. 

    Imagine that the two of them engage in a productive, issues-based conversation about real concerns in each individual’s domain.  Working through each of the problems before them, they leave with the same sense of cooperation and teamwork that has allowed both of them to succeed in their positions. 

    This image is the foundation of our Town & Gown Partnership and the model for an important and ongoing collaboration between community and campus.  Our Town & Gown Partners include leaders from Murray State University administration and student government, local and state government, education professionals, industry, small business, banking, and health care providers.

    Town & Gown activities provide opportunities for dialogue on a variety of quality of life issues between leaders who might not otherwise engage one another on common issues.  Town & Gown projects are funded by the university and membership fees and are selected to improve the quality of living and learning in Calloway County and our region.