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Frequently asked questions

When/where will the scholarship application be available?

The application for competitive University scholarships will be available online starting October 1st.

Is the application available online only?

Yes. Even if you do not have access to the internet at home, the scholarship website can be reached from school or your local library. However, please contact us at 1(800) 272-4678 Ext. 4 if you have trouble using our online application.

When is the deadline for application?

All applications must be completed with required documentation uploaded or submitted by January 15th.  There is also a June 1st deadline for non-traditional student-specific scholarships.

Can materials be postmarked by the deadline?

No. Everything needs to be into the scholarship office by the deadline in order to be considered for scholarships.

Do I have to apply for admission?

Yes. You do need to apply for admission by the scholarship deadline in order to be considered for scholarships.

What additional materials do I need to apply for scholarships?

Some scholarships may require additional documentation (i.e. letter of recommendation, short answer essay questions, etc.).  If additional documentation is required, it will be indicated inside each individual scholarship in the scholarship application. 


Incoming freshmen may need to upload a letter of recommendation into their MSU STARS scholarship application.


Incoming students (new freshman, transfers, or first-time graduate students) must also have all the appropriate admission information on file by January 15th.


Non-traditional students need to upload a non-traditional student statement into their MSU STARS scholarship application. 

When will I know if I have received a scholarship?

Any students being awarded a scholarship will be notified via email to the email address listed in their MSU STARS scholarship application by the end of March.

Non-traditional student-specific scholarships are not awarded until the summer and notification will be sent via email to the email address listed in their MSU STARS scholarship application.

Do I have to declare a major to be eligible for scholarships?

No. However, you may not be considered for any departmental scholarships that require declaration of specific majors.

Is there an over-award policy?

Yes. It can be accessed online at Over-award policy. Your total award including University scholarships, outside scholarships, grants, loans, and KEES money can not exceed the total cost of attendance set by the Financial Aid Office each year. This amount allows for tuition, room, and board as well as books, transportation, and other school related expenses. If your total award exceeds said cost of attendance, your scholarships may be reduced. However, you may recover some or all of this money by purchasing a computer. Please contact the Scholarship Office at 1(800) 272-4678 Ext. 4 in order to request a computer purchase budget increase.

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