Criminal Justice Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science Degree1

Note: All criminal justice majors and minors must: 1) maintain a GPA of 2.50 in all coursework taken at Murray State University and 2) must earn a grade of C or better in all CRJ courses counting towards the major or minor, including CRJ electives. (Students who earn less than a C must repeat the course if it is a required course.) 

University Studies Requirements 39-46 hrs (see academic degrees and programs) 

University Studies selections must include:

- Oral and Written Communication:

COM     161    Introduction to Public Speaking 

- Scientific Inquiry, Methodologies, and Quantitative Skills:

MAT     135     Introduction to Probability and Statistics

- Social and Self-Awareness and Responsible Citizenship 

POL    140     American National Government 

PSY     180     General Psychology  

- University Studies Elective:

CSC     199     Introduction to Information Technology

SOC     133     Introduction to Sociology


SOC     231     Social Problems  

Note:  Students must complete at least 30 hours with an overall 2.5 GPA or better and earn a C or better in CRJ 140 to be admitted to the Criminal Justice major or minor.  A minimum grade of C is required in ENG 105 afor all students (including transfers) majoring or minoring in Criminal Justice. Transfer students and new intended majors and minors must take CRJ 140 and CRJ 100T prior to full admission to the criminal justice major or minor.

Required Courses        35 hrs

CRJ    100T   Transitions 

CRJ     140     Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ     220     Law Enforcement

CRJ     240     Corrections

CRJ     300     Crime and Criminals

CRJ    320     Juvenile Justice 

CRJ     325     Criminal Justice Ethics

CRJ     385     Violent Crime 

CRJ     400     Applied Criminal Justice Research 

CRJ     445     Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Criminal Justice

CRJ     499     Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice

CRJ     544     Constitutional and Legal Issues in Criminal Justice 

            and one of the following 

ENG    204     Advanced Expository Writing 

ENG    205     Writing for Social Science 

ENG    224     Writing in the Professions 

ENG    324      Technical Writing    

Required 300-level and above CRJ Electives      15 hrs         

Note: Only six hours of credit toward the area may be received from CRJ 305,488 or 489. CRJ 448 may be repeated as long as the topic differs. 


Collateral/Support Courses      12 hrs 

Business - Choose one course from the following:

ACC      200      Principles of Financial Accounting 

BUS      140      Foundations of  Business

BUS      215      Business Communication 

ECO     140      Contemporary Economics

ECO     190      Consumer Economics 

ECO     200      Economics and Politics 

FIN       230      Personal Financial Planning

MGT     350      Fundamentals of Management 

MKT     360      Principles of Marketing 


Critical Thinking, Computers and Technology - Choose one course from the following

COM     261     Debate and Advocacy

COM     367     Communication and Critical Thought

COM     422     Communication and Technology

CSC      101     Introduction to Problem Solving Using Computers

CSC      125     Internet and Web Page Design 

EGR      140     Introduction to computing Applications in Science and Engineering

ENG      226     Argument and Discourse

MKT      285     Emerging Technologies in Marketing  

PHI        103     Critical Thinking 

PHI        203     Symbolic Logic

PSY       327     Problem-Solving and Decison-Making 

REC       410     Application of Technology to Recreation Decision Making 

TSM       132     Network Technical Support 


Communications - Choose one course from the following 

COM      131     Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 

COM      331     Interpersonal Communication

COM      353     Team Communication and Leadership

COM      361     Career Presentations 

COM      380     Organizational Communication  

COM      380     Communication Skills for Professionals

COM      439     Conflict and Communication 

COM      461     Persuasive Communication 


Psychology - Choose one course from the following 

PSY      245      Law and Psychology 

PSY      322      Motivation and Emotion

PSY      325      Introduction to Clinical Psychology

PSY      404      Drugs, Alcohol and Behavior

PSY      405      Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PSY      406      Personality

PSY      407      Abnormal Psychology 

PSY      471      Behavior Modification 


Career Focused Electives   12-19 hrs

Total Curriculum Requirements   120 hrs


1No substitutions and/or alterations in the above curriculum shall be made without the written approval of a criminal justice faculty advisor.

2Students may receieve credit for another statistics course of at least three credit hours, such as PSY 300.

3CRJ 300 is not the same as the MSU course SOC 338. CRJ 300 cannot be substituted with any course from another institution it was called "Criminology" and/or offered as a sociology course. 


Criminal Justice Minor     21 hrs

Required Courses            12 hrs

CRJ     140     Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJ     300     Crime and Criminals

Two courses from

CRJ     220     Law Enforcement

CRJ     240     Corrections

CRJ     320     Juvenile Justice

CRJ     355     Security in Business and Industry

Advisor Approved CRJ Elective Courses        9 hrs


1No substitutions and/or alterations in the above curriculum shall be made without the written approval of a criminal justice faculty advisor.