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What is P-20?

Economic climates are becoming more complex, uncertain and volatile leaving our schools, our workforces and our communities at risk.

P-20 education is an integrated approach to education spanning the continuum from early childhood to the workplace. However, P-20 is more than just going to school. P-20 is the synergy created when education is integrated into the community, the economy and the environment. P-20 education is the foundation of economic development and community sustainability. Convergence strategies leverage economic, creative and intellectual capital from the private, public, and civic sectors to maximize educational initiatives and resources to mobilize innovation.

A vital component of the P-20 movement, as it relates to economic competitiveness, is STEM education. Well education practitioners and leaders in STEM areas will be instrumental in maintaining and expanding competitiveness.

The Doctor of Education in P-20 and Community Leadership program will produce bold and innovative agents of change to lead these P-20 initiatives to benefit the rural communities we serve. The P-20 focused philosophy of the program purposefully spans the “boundaries” of pK-12, postsecondary and community agencies. It also provides a distinctive and timely approach to changing and complex educational and community environments.

Our program serves to cultivate executive-level leaders who are pioneers of innovation in education. Our goal is that these entrepreneurial-minded educational leaders will create lasting positive change and significant impact within the school districts, institutions of higher education, organizations and communities in which they serve by creating cutting-edge P-20 initiatives, programs and partnerships.

By creating a community of P-20 minded educational scholars, practitioners and innovators, Murray State University’s Doctor of Education in P-20 and Community Leadership program is leading the charge to engineer a shift of thinking which leverages community partnerships and collaboration to maximize economic, human, and creative capital for the MSU service region, the Commonwealth of KY and the nation.

Additionally, the program is strategically crafted to equip leaders to innovate solutions around state and federal mandates, as well as other educational complexities including STEM, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), KY Senate Bill 1, College and Career Readiness, college success and completion, student achievement, among others.

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