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Candidate Self Assessment Disposition Rubric 

Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching and Learning

Educational Testing Service Homepage
Information about the PPST, Praxis Series, PLT, and the GRE, (to name a few). You can download practice tests to help you get ready!

• EPSB Modules
The Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board has developed online instructional modules designed to address topics and needs of teachers and administrators who wish to teach in Kentucky. Modules range in length and complexity. Several of the modules are FREE and others require registration and payment for in-state residents.

• Kentucky Academy of Technology Education
An extensive online resource for teachers.

• Murray State University Counseling and Testing Resources
The site includes general information about the Murray State University Testing Center as well as linked test publisher sites containing useful information for test preparation and registration. Content on the publisher sites varies but may include online registration information, accommodations of special needs, sample tests, downloadable study materials and registration bulletins, forms and bulletins often used by test takers, as well as information regarding admissions to graduate and professional schools. Often, the website will have request forms for free paper bulletins sent out by the test publisher.

• State Certification
Certification requirements can be quite different from state to state. To help you prepare for your own state certification, this is a collection of Web sites (where available) or general certification office information for each state. The Web sites provide a range of information, which may include certification requirements and regulations, salary ranges, application fees, employment opportunities, downloadable forms and publications, and frequently asked questions.

Teacher Education Program Application
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Technical Horizons in Education
An online journal filled with resources to help you integrate technology into teaching.