College and Career Readiness Summit

Summit Session2015 College and Career Readiness Summit

June 16-17, 2015

8am - 3pm

Alexander Hall, Murray State University campus

Registration is closed and is at capacity.

The College and Career Readiness Summit is a two day professional development opportunity for regional educators. Over the course of two days, educators will have a chance to learn from other area teachers and experts in the field of education.  Would you like to submit a session proposal? Click the link to get more information. For questions, please contact the Teacher Quality Institute at 270-809-2090.

TUESDAY, JUNE 16th Featured Speaker:
Michael Dames
Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding Poverty, 5th Edition 2013
  • A sample of the session topics:
  • High Performing Schools: Sharing what works
  • Teacher Showcase: All-star lessons from high performing classroom teachers
  • New and Beginning Teacher Sessions: Day 1 and beyond
  • Teach Smart: Research-based strategies, best practices for the classroom, and effortless classroom management
  • T2: Teaching with technology, Google Apps for Education sessions by KATE on both days.
  • “A Little Help from My Friends”: share sessions specifically for practicing library media, school counselors,  instructional coaches, FRYSC, school administration, and superintendents
  • College and Career Readiness: Career pathways updates, KOSSA, COMPASS and industrial certifications
  • Training Sessions: KTIP, Co-teaching, SBDM (new member and experienced member training)