New STEM Grant

Middle school teachers preparing STEM lessonThe Teacher Quality Institute was recently awarded a $110,000 grant by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education for a proposal entitled Developing Critical Thinking Skills Using Science and Engineering Practice.  This innovative project is anticipated to produce a regional impact, providing middle school math and science educators with helpful teaching strategies through the use of classroom technologies and a mentor-based approach. 

The concept for this program arose from the desire to lend further support to beginning teachers.  Master’s-level math and science instructors will work with entry-level educators in the region to share insight, experience, and knowledge.
Middle school teachers preparing STEM lesson

The program began in 2016 with a summer workshop, in which the two groups will collaborate to develop STEM lesson plans and standard-based units.  As the middle school teachers work to implement this instructional material into their own classrooms, they will receive continued support from mentors via the aid of innovative technologies.

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