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Welcome to the Collaborative Learning Unlimited Excellence Conference –CLUE!

Our objective of this conference was to create an opportunity to discuss the existing challenges and issues facing us today with an interdisciplinary approach that will improve the health of our cities, communities, schools, universities, hospitals and workplaces. To accomplish this we are fortunate to have put together a program that will advance our knowledge, stimulate our thinking and provide practical information.

As you peruse the abstracts, please know that continuing education credits for multiple disciplines will be available.

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  Theater Barkley Mississippi Ohio Cumberland
8:00 Butch Losey
Assessing Risks for Bullying, Suicide, and School Violence
Eric O'Neal
Hydration for Athletes ~ Is It What You Think?
Susan Muller
John LaManca
Brent Fedorko   Building Resilient Communities
9:00 Nick Bacon
Optimizing Running Economy
Dottie Kraemer
Michelle Hansen
Creating Cultural
Change in the Community Using the Strategic Prevention Framework
Peg Munke
Ashley Fraiser
Effect of Poverty in the School Experience
10:00 Jay Campbell
High Intensity Exercise Training ~ Stroking the Metabolic Fire
Break Candace Vance
Changing Sick Care to Health Care By Utilizing One of the Most Precious Resources - Students
10:30 Angie Judd
Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma   Social Work Certification Workshop
11:00 Officer Richard Mehlbaur
Captain Roy Dunaway
Guide to Dealing with an Active Shooter
John LaManca
Cardiovascular Risk Factors in College Students
Kathy Ferrell
Kelly Rogers
Kala Chakradhar  Interprofessional Collaboration:  A Rural Self-Management Program
Murphy Smith
Katherine Smith
Ethics:  The Basics and Why it Matters
12:00 Break Lunch-N-Learn
(Buy a boxed lunch) Current Trends in Exercise Science Panel Discussion     Facilitator: Amelia Dodd
12:30 Tammy Cranfill
Shirley O’Brien
Rachael Skerczak &
Chelsea Smith
Perceptions of Interprofessional Practice
Jeff Wylie
Spirituality & Human Services Practice
1:00 Exercise is Medicine – Physical Activity and Health Benefits Brent Fedorko
1:30 Debra VanKuiken
Kimberly Toole
Mike Mulcahey
Barb Harland
Lisa Niehaus
Frederick Browne
Debora Dole 
Valerie Hill
Michelle Flaum
Jaylene Schaefer    Journey Toward an Integrated Program of Inter-professional Collaboration
Michael A Wright
Modeling Social Work in Health: Determinants and Disparities
2:00 H.R. Lee
Clinical Practice Guidelines in Sports Medicine: Sport Related Concussion         
2:30 Hank Cecil Ethics: What You Really Need to Know
3:00 Tim Amshoff
Update on KY Concussion Legislation
3:30 Kelly Kleinhans
Amelia Dodd
Clinical Supervision: Interdisciplinary Trends and Behavior
4:00 Jeremy Erdmann
Review of Low Back Evaluation Techniques
  Theater Barkley Mississippi Ohio
8:00 Mark Taylor     Teaching, Serving and Hiring Generation NeXt Eisa Ali Johail
Philosophies and Sciences of Education Assure Quality of Allied Health Professions Education & Practice
Genia McKee
Steve Sparrow
Lloyd Jordison
David Fender
Panel Discussion: Safe Communities Work!
Brian Clardy
Intergroup Bullying:  The Plight of the African-American Male in the Classroom
9:00 Mary Elaine Horn
The Role of the Black Church in Achieving School Success for African-American Children
Fred Miller
Online GIS Resources Supporting Research & Practice in Public Health
9:30 Tracey Wortham
Case Studies in Applied Workplace Ergonomics
10:00 Jennifer Rayman Kristin King
Working Together to Improve Educational Outcomes for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury
Aaron Dail
Get Connected - Engaging Volunteers with Technology
Susan Guess
Not in Our State:  The Development of Kentucky-Wide Anti-Bullying Initiative
10:30 David Fender
Amanda Dean
iPod Oblivion
11:00 Natasha Ward
Michael Wright
Unintended Consequences of Personal Philanthropy
Morgan Guess
Susan Guess
Kids for Kindness
11:30 Break
12:00 Dr. Mark Taylor
Key Note Speaker Luncheon
"Planning for Success in Today's Multigenerational Workplace"
1:00 Michael Dames  Bridges into Health:  Strategies to Reduce Inequities and Improve Health Outcomes Karen McCuiston
Bullying: Be Part of the Cure
Beth Blakely
Seizure Training for School Personnel
Becki Cohn-Vargas
Not in Our Town / Not in Our School / Not in Our University
2:00 Gary Hall
Loosening the Ties That Bind: Understanding the Costs Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse has on Our Society
Peg Munke How to be a Successful Ally Against Bullying
3:00 Kelly A. Kleinhans
Paige Agan
Mary Grace Starks
Katelyn Hanson
Now What? The Reality of Apps and AAC
Dawn York
Isela Arras
Strategies for Addressing Domestic Violence
  Theater Barkley
8:00 Rhonda Simmons Miles
Cleft Lip and/or Palate: The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist
Michael de Riesthal
Interdisciplinary Practices for TBI
10:00 Alex Diamond
Concussions in Youth Sports: An Evidence Based Medicine Review

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