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Study abroad gives you the opportunity to challenge your own views as you interact with people from around the world, people who have been raised in different cultures and traditions. Here, you'll find Department of English and Philosophy-affiliated study abroad opportunities. To inquire about possibilities in your area of interest, search the online application or schedule a meeting with the education abroad advisor for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

Study Abroad Programs with Murray State faculty



Course(s) available

Faculty Member(s)

Winter 2016-2017 London JMC 322 Mass Media Study Abroad OR ENG 343 Special Topics in Creative Writing Marcie Hinton
Summer 2017 Ireland

ENG 201 Appreciation of Literature
ENG 221 Introduction to English Studies
HUM 205 Humanistic Tradition Abroad
HON 252 Honors Seminar in Literature and
Philosophy II
ENG 330/614 Special Topics

Mike Morgan
Ann Neelon

Summer 2017 London

Horror, Myth, & Legend in English Literature
Earn Murray State credit for:
ENG 243: Literary Masterpieces: Fantasy, Myth, and Legend OR
ENG 330: Special Topics OR
HON 252: Lit & PHI II

Danielle Nielsen
Summer 2017 London

Dead Poets in London
Earn Murray State credit for:
HUM 205 The Humanistic Tradition Abroad OR
ENG 330 Special Topics, counting as Literature Elective

Bernard Lewis
Fall Semester 2017 Regensburg, Germany

HUM 211 The Western Humanities Tradition
HON 251 Honors Seminar in Literature & Philosophy I
HUM 205 The Humanistic Tradition Abroad
ENG 201 Appreciation of Literature / ENG 330 Special Topics

Ted Brown


Other programs that may be of interest to students in the Department of English and Philosophy

Semester programs:
Murray State offers a number of low-cost semester exchange programs around the world. Students can take classes taught in English in the fields of literature, writing, TESOL, philosophy. They also provide great opportunities for students to work on their foreign language proficiency or get some of their University Studies credits taken care of. Semester-long programs are available at quality, accredited universities in Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Spain, and South Korea.
Many more semester-length options are available through trusted study abroad providers. Speak to an Education Abroad Advisor to help identify the best program for you.

Short-term programs:
Short term programs range from 1 week Spring Break to the entire summer. Shorter programs allow you to "test the waters" and give you more options for how to fit study abroad into a busy schedule. You still receive academic credit on these programs, and there are a variety of courses, lengths of programs and locations to choose from.

Of particular interest to students in the Department of English and Philosophy may be programs where electives, University Studies, or other program requirements are offered.  

Internships, research, and teaching abroad:
This is a growing area that many Murray State students have already taken advantage of. International internships and research opportunities are a great way to get on-the-job experience and network within the community of international scholarship.

For more information about study, research, internship, or teaching opportunities abroad, contact
Education Abroad Office
179 Woods Hall

Scholarships are available through the Education Abroad Office and the office of the Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts.