Marie Karlsson, Ph.D.

Dr. Marie Karlsson


I am interested in individuals’ experiences with trauma and interpersonal violence. For instance, I study factors that impact the connection between childhood exposure to violence, such as witnessing interparental abuse, and exposure to dating violence as a teenager and adult. What are some of the risk and protective factors between generations and across relationships? Although my main focus is to understand the experiences of victims, I also study the associations between victimization and perpetration (e.g., bi-directional or mutually abusive relationships).

Furthermore, my research focuses on the psychological impact of trauma and best practices for treatment. I am especially interested in interpersonally victimized and marginalized women who have limited access to psychological services. For instance, an on-going project involves evaluation of an exposure-based group treatment for incarcerated women with histories of sexual victimization.

Students who are interested in any of these topics are welcome to stop by my office or contact me via email or phone. I would be happy to discuss various ways to become involved in my research and collaborate on projects.

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