Colby Canter  

Colby Canter, undergraduate

I'm a sophomore Biology/Pre-Medicine student. I enjoy to hunt, and I'm fascinated with how biology and chemistry integrate to give a greater understanding of the human body. 


Bryson Dahlberg, undergraduate

I'm interested in the evolutionary change in organisms and the mechanisms which drive them.

 Talon Garman


Talon Garman, undergraduate

I am a senior majoring in biology. I'm from Southern Illinois. I plan on attending grad school to specialize in canine behavior and research. I have a year old pit bull dog named Cash that I spend most of my time with. We like to go on hikes through trails at LBL. I'm a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I work part time as a server at The Keg in Murray.

Zach Ryne  

Zachary Ryne, Honors Student

I am a pre-dental biology student that is interested in evolution and animal behavior research. I am a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and the Honor's College. I graduated with honors in December 2016. 

 Jenny Liang  

Jenny Liang, undergraduate


Neil Yockey  

Neil Yockey, undergraduate

I'm a senior Biology Major, Chemistry Minor with a Pre-Dental focus from Shelbyville, IL. I enjoy spending time outdoors and am fascinated with animal physiology as well as organism/environment interactions.  

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