Dr. Marcie L. Venter

Venter and Stela

    Assistant Professor
    Department of Geosciences, Archaeology Program
    337 Blackburn Science Building
    Murray State University
    Murray, KY 42071


I study the dynamics of ancient states and empires, specifically the ways that frontier communities interact with state actors during expansion. My methodological expertise includes ceramic analysis and historical research, and I incorporate remote sensing and other cutting edge technologies in my work. I am especially fascinated by changes that occurred in ancient Mexico during Aztec imperial expansion, and how indigenous, Spanish, and African populations sorted out a new dynamic during the colonial era.

My interests in frontier engagements also extend to the Caribbean, where I have conducted work in Trinidad and Tobago, and where I am planning an archaeological field school in Jamaica (2018-2019 AY). I am also interested in the Contact Era of the Eastern US following the Revolutionary War and migration across the Appalachian frontier.

Other Interests: Human-environmental interactions; Technological Choice and Change; Heritage Management and Tourism; Ethnohistory.

I have recently been named as the Program Editor for the Archaeology Division of the American Anthropological Association. Visit http://www.americananthro.org/ to learn more about this organization.


  • PhD University of Kentucky (Anthropology)
  • MA University of Kentucky (Anthropology)
  • BA University of Pittsburgh (Anthropology)

Research Regions

Mexico, Ohio Valley, Trans-Mississippi Region, Caribbean,

At present, I am the Principal Investigator of the Matacanela Archaeological Project (National Science Foundation, BCS-1358063), which is examining the transformation of political and economic relationships in the Gulf lowlands of Mesoamerica during a period of pronounced demographic, climatic and environmental change. This research is ongoing and provides opportunities for student participation both abroad and in the US. I am planning new research in Bluefields, Jamaica and Veracruz, Mexico.




Course number Course Title
ANT 140  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ARC 150 Introduction to Archaeology
ARC 300 Archaeological Method and Theory
ARC 302/402/510 Archaeological Field Methods (I, II, Advanced)
ANT 320 Human Ecology
ANT 325  Biological Anthropology 
ARC 335 Forensic Archaeology
ANT/ARC 355 Pottery and People
ARC 345 (Coming Soon!) Archaeology of Ancient Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
ARC 360 Historical Archaeology
ARC 389 Archaeology and Political Ecology of Empires

Selected Recent Publications

Venter, Marcie L., Lourdes Budar, Philip J. Arnold III. 2017. El Juego de Pelota, Autoridad y el Colapso Clásico Tardío en la Sierra de los Tuxtlas. In Incidencia, articulación e innovación del conocimiento arqueológico en la Costa del Golfo mesoamericano, edited by Lourdes Budar, Marcie L. Venter, and Sara Ladron de Guevara, pp. 245-268. Universidad Veracruzana, Xalapa, Mexico. 

Venter, Marcie L., Neal H. Lopinot, Jeffrey R. Ferguson, and Michael D. Glascock. 2017. Ceramic Production and Interaction in the Northern Range of Trinidad. The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology 0:1-21. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15564894.2017.1287140

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 Ilahiane, Hsain and Marcie L. Venter. 2016. Introduction: Technologies and the transformation of economies. Economic Anthropology 32:199–202. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/sea2.12064/full

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Venter, Marcie. L, and Sarah L. Lyon. 2015. Configuring and Commoditizing the Archaeological Landscape: Heritage, Identity and Tourism in the Tuxtla Mountains. In The Legacy of Mesoamerican Ancestors: Archaeological Heritage in and beyond Contemporary Mexico, edited by David S. Anderson, Dylan J. Clark, and J. Heath Anderson. Archaeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association 25:74–82. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/apaa.12049/full

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Research Interests

Political Economy, Borderland Interactions, Culture Change, Ceramic Ecology, Ethnohistory, Remote Sensing Applications in Archaeology