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Links to Area Health Care


Crittenden Health Systems - Marion

Jackson Purchase Medical Center - Mayfield

Livingston Hospital - Salem

Lourdes Hospital - Paducah

Marshall County Hospital - Benton

Murray/Calloway County Hospital - Murray

Parkway Regional Hospital - Fulton

Trigg County Hospital - Cadiz

Western Baptist Hospital - Paducah


Links to Area Information

Kentucky Lake On Line

Land Between the Lakes

Paducah/McCracken County

Links for Community-Based Faculty

Medical Education Online
 · web-based journal
 · forum for disseminating information on educating physicians and other health professionals
 · repository for resources such as curricula, data sets, syllabi, software, and instructional
  material developers wish to make available to the health education community

Association for Surgical Education Educational Clearinghouse
 · books, videos, and other materials on teaching

American Osteopathic Association

DO Online

American Physical Therapy Association

AOTA - American Occupational Therapy Association

American Dental Association

Links to Dental Health Resources


Oral Health America View the report card to see how KY ranks

National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center

American Dental Association

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Consumer Resources

About Smiles - oral health questions answered


Crest Family Care Center


Proctor & Gamble Global Dental Resources

Web Dental Office

Children's Pages

Kidsource - dental & healthcare information for parents & children

NIH Curriculum Supplement for Elementary School

Healthy Teeth

Professional Resources

American Dental Hygienist Association

Dentistry On Line - Journal

Dental Health & Health Educational Products

Healthy Kentuckians 2010 Mid Decade Review

National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research - Consumer & Professional Resources

Links to Health Careers

Aspiring Docs

Association of American Medical Colleges

Health Care Career Resource Center

Health Professions - Medical professions, roles & responsibilities, salaries, educational requirements, & National Associations

LifeWorks - National Institute of Health Office of Science Education site to explore careers in health and medical sciences

Student Doctor's Network - Tips for High School, Undergrad, & Med School Students

Association of Surgical Technologists

Links to Health Information

KY Terrorism Response and Preparedness

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Food and Drug Administration

Google Search Engine - Health Information


InteliHealth - Harvard Medical School's consumer health information

Mayo Clinic


Links to Professional Services

Continuing Education Resources

AMA Guidlines on Gifts to Physicians from Industry

U of L Continuing Medical Education

University of Kentucky CE Central

Medical Research Resources

National Library of Medicine - PubMed

U of L Kornhauser Health Sciences Library

UK Medical Center Library

Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine Library

Center for Infectious Disease Research And Policy


DiversityRX - Promoting language &cultural competence to improve the quality of health care

Center for Disease Control - English/Spanish versions

American Cancer Society's Cancer Resource Center - English/Spanish versions

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - English/Spanish versions

Links to Science & Math Enrichment


Do Science

Lesson Plans

Tree of Life

Cow's Eye Dissection

Population Education

Free Earth Science Materials

National Institute of Health Science Education Resources