Semester in Regensburg Program

This page is a collection of online resources to help students and parents share the excitement of the  Semester in Regensburg Program experience. 

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Fall 2018 Program Dates

  • Arrival: September 1-4, preferred arrival on 3rd or 4th
  • Murray State Orientation: September 5
  • ILC Orientation & Placement Exam: September 6-9
  • ILC German Courses: September 10-October 5
  • Fall Break: October 6-14
  • Murray State Courses: October 15-December 14
  • Berlin: November 11-17
  • Departure: December 16-31 (rooms available until Dec 31st)

Pre-departure Preparation

  • Canvas Orientation
  • Complete required forms, ours and Regensburg's, most of which are in Murray State's Horizon System
  • Travel arrangements, booking
      • Who's going early? 
      • Travel buddies? 
      • Turn in your flight information! 
  • Packing 
  • Weather
  • European Voltage
  • What should be in your carry-on
  • Prescription medication 
  • You are responsible for knowing the luggage allowances of your airline

Arrival in Regensburg

  • Munich Airport
      • Getting to Regensburg via Airportliner
      • Getting to Regensburg via Bus & Train: Bus to Freising, train from Freising to Regensburg 
  • Text Melanie with any flight changes
  • Day of Arrival Schedule
  • Early Arrivals: 
    • Complete the flight portion of your Horizons app so we know when you're landing
    • Making your way to Regensburg, a helpful doc will be in the Google drive with detailed instructions for getting to Regensburg
    • Storing Luggage at the Munich airport while you travel
  • The Regensburg Tourist Office - city information, focus of on-site orientation in first week
  • Map (Stadtplan) - Regensburg city map
  • On site orientation
  • Culture shock, plan on it
  • Regensburg RVV this is the system students will use to travel around Regensburg

Accommodations & Meals

  • University Student Housing - student housing information provided by the University of Regensburg, most of you will be in Ebertstrasse
  • Mensa - what's for lunch (and dinner) in the University cafeteria this week? Or should we shop and cook? There's also a Mensa app!
  • Netto on Dr. Gesslerstrasse
  • Per Diem

Billing & Financial Arrangements


In general, students should have access to several different sources of funds.

  • ATM cards, with an ALL NUMBER PIN, a high daily limit, tied to a CHECKING account. This allows parents to deposit funds to a readily available source and allows students access to funds in local currencies at modest transaction costs.
  • A MasterCard and/or Visa card, which must have a chip and you may be required to use the PIN for charges. Make sure you know your PIN!
  • Check with your credit card and ATM companies and find out about transaction fees for usage internationally.
  • Students should keep these resources in separate places in their housing and while traveling to avoid losing them all at once.
  • Students do NOT need a large supply of Euros when they arrive in Munich, IF they are meeting Program Representatives on the designated arrival date. You will be given your first per diem upon arrival.

Billing at Murray State

  • You should be charged your regular tuition rate and a Program Fee, which includes your housing and meal plan.
  • You should NOT be charged a separate housing fee or meal plan fee.
  • Make sure your MyGate billing is accurate at Murray State. This is YOUR responsibility.


  • Course Schedules
  • If you require testing accommodation or any classroom support at Murray State, please notify the Education Abroad Office immediately with the documentation provided to the Murray State Office of Student Disability Services.
  • Textbooks: You must purchase your textbooks and bring them with you. List of textbooks will be available on Google drive. German language class textbooks will be purchased in Regensburg after your placement exam.
  • Culture Pack: Learning about Germany before you go
  • Universität Regensburg - the site of our classes
  • During the first five weeks, only German language and culture classes will meet, followed by fall break. Other classes begin after fall break. 
  • You must register for your classes at Murray State through MyGate.
  • You cannot drop/add after orientation
  • Excursions will be included in activities for every course
  • Berlin - site of our extended excursion
  • A Google calendar will be shared with you. This will detail the course schedule, excursions, etc.

Communication with Murray State

  • It is your responsibility to stay in touch with your academic advisor in order to schedule for your spring courses 
  • Check your email regularly for important Education Abroad Office and other university announcements, deadlines, and reminders.
  • Check the program Facebook page regularly for updates on program scheduling, excursion details, opportunities for extracurricular fun, and other reminders

Internet & Phone Access


Internet Access

  • LAN Ethernet connections are available in student housing. Sometimes LAN cables are not provided in the housing. You should bring one with you. You will not have internet access in the housing without a cable and a device that has an Ethernet port.
  • Historically LAN and WiFi connections have been available on-campus for your laptops, tablets and smartphones, but you MUST REGISTER these devices with the Universität Regensburg Computer Center to use them. You must register via LAN connection FIRST, so be sure you have an Ethernet port and cable for your device. 
  • You will not have unlimited data in the housing.
  • Instructions for registering your device will be on Google drive.
  • You may also use your devices at WiFi locations in Regensburg and cities you visit. These are more rare than in the States and may require purchase of time or other items (coffee or food, for example), but allow you to communicate with Skype or Whats App WITHOUT expensive international roaming charges on your phone
  • Wifi locating apps such as JiWire app for Android Phones and iVanya Wifi Finder for iPad/iPhone can help you find Wifi without a cellular connection. 

Email and Telephone Options

  • Official program communication will be through the Murray State email system supported by Google system, including text, audio and video chat capabilities. The official Schedule will also be available as a Calendar in this system which you will access with you Murray State logon sequence.
  • You have several options for obtaining cell phone service. Whichever option you choose you MUST provide a cell phone number where Program officials can reach you by voice or text while you are traveling independently on weekends and extended breaks. We will use this number ONLY for emergency calls to avoid substantial phone charges.
  • Your current cell phone provider may have International Calling and or Data Plans. Check with your provider for plans and fees. AT&T example.
  • Advice on using smartphones abroad cheaply; Turning off Roaming and Using only Wifi
  • SKYPE - VOIP service, free computer to computer calls, reasonable fees apply to computer to landlines or mobile (more expensive), recharge online, can be used with mobile phones, though not the ones we provide. WhatsApp offers similar functionality.
  • An International SIM card for your unlocked phone or an international cell phone package from a provider like One SimCard or Mobal with available prepaid or month service plans.

Independent Travel

  • The language program takes the classes on various excursions. You may not necessarily go on all of these. We will discuss these in detail at on-site orientation in September.  
  • Fall break allows opportunity for extended independent travel.
  • Following fall break, classes will be held Monday-Thursday
  • Your room is available until December 31st, which allows for additional independent travel at the end of the program.
  • Side Trips form in Horizons: Required for every non-program overnight stay. You must complete it in full! 
  • DeutscheBahn: Download the app for easy ticket purchasing from your phone; group tickets are cheap
  • Buses between German cities may be a cheaper or even more direct way to travel, such as FlixBus
  • Google Translate: Can use without cell access
  • Language Apps: DuoLingo, for example
  • Map apps that are accessible offline: download for cities of your independent travel 
  • Regensburg RVV: Bus app just for Regensburg, search it while you're on wifi and it will store your info for use offline
  • Look for smartphone apps that allow you to use your device OFFLINE as a guidebook as you'll find guidebooks available for most European cities. 
  • RyanAirOpodoEasyJetKayak, Cheap Flights - Discount airlines and search sites are an option for longer trips. 
  • Many European hotels and hostels are on that are not necessarily on other sites and you can choose the currency you want to pay in
  • Fodor's online guides

Insurance & Health

  • Students are required by the University of Regensburg to have a health insurance policy which allows them to participate in the extensive German health insurance system. This insurance is covered by your program fee. Enrollment will be coordinated by the Resident Director after arrival and goes into effect upon arrival.  
  • The CISI Insurance is a separate policy from the German plan. This provides supplemental coverage, including medical evacuation, security evacuation and repatriation of remains. This is the plan you must purchase prior to departure through Horizons.
  • Many family health plans cover medical expenses abroad. You should check with your plan administrator to determine if your current plan provides this coverage. 
  • Generally, health care providers abroad expect immediate payment for which your insurance plan would reimburse you. YOU SHOULD PLAN ON COVERING HEALTH CARE EXPENSES YOURSELF until you are reimbursed by your insurance company.
  • Local English-speaking doctors and dentists are available. The local hospital also has English-speaking staff.
  • It is your responsibility to notify program staff or dial emergency numbers if you are in need of immediate medical attention. 
  • Please update the medical section of Horizons if ANY of your medical information changes before departure. 
  • Take enough prescription medication for the duration of your program. 

CISI Insurance Plan 2017-2018

Emergency Preparedness & Response


Preparation & Prevention

  • Canvas orientation
  • Register with the US Department of State STEP Program at under Smart Traveler Enrollment Program just prior to departure.
  • Read Country Information Sheet(s) for the country or countries you plan to visit.
  • Read Bi-Lateral Relations Fact Sheets for the country or countries you plan to visit
  • Review suggested travel tips in the State Department Students Abroad resources
  • Review the Overseas Security Advisory Council Crime & Safety Reports for alerts for specific countries or cities - Munich 2017 Report
  • Carry: 1) a copy of your Emergency Contact Card with relevant contact information, 2) a copy of your CISI Insurance card, and 3) a copy of the picture page of your passport.
  • Location Safety Assessment, Fall 2017 Regensburg Program
  • Notify Resident Director of your travel plans in Horizon system using the Side Trips function

Emergency Response

  • CISI Team Assist Plan for Emergency Response using toll free number.
  • US Consulate/Embassy in the country.
  • Appropriate Murray State numbers.
  • Resident Director and Program Faculty contact phone numbers.

Crisis Management Cases 2018

Cultural Integration

Checkout, Departure, & Return Home

  • Students must arrange for a checkout housing inspection with their Hausmeister. You WILL BE CHARGED for lack of cleaning or any damages to your room via MyGate.
  • Flight changes for return home should be updated in the flight section of your Horizons application
  • Welcome Home!!! Remember, culture shock works in reverse as well!  You will miss Regensburg.
  • Stay in touch with Stammtisch in Murray
  • Come to Regensburg events in Murray for the community of student and faculty participants and German students studying at Murray State from Regensburg

Fall 2018 Program Contact Information

  • Regensburg Programs Director: Melanie McCallon Seib,
  • Regensburg Coordinator for Outgoing Programs: Dr. David Pizzo,
  • HUM, HON Faculty: Dr. Ted Brown,
  • BUS, ECO Faculty: Dr. Jim McCoy,
  • CIV, HON Faculty: Dr. David Pizzo,
  • ITD Faculty: Dr. Rudy Ottway,
  • On-Site Resident Director: Michaela Dengg