Online Payments

Instructors who are teaching their course outside of their normal teaching responsibilities (overload) or as an adjunct will be paid by Regional Academic Outreach. Remember, 9-10 month faculty and staff are eligible to receive only 20 percent of their salary through extra compensation during the academic year. (Twelve month faculty and staff may not exceed their 20 percent extra compensation limit for the year.)


Instructors are not able to be paid in the same month that they start teaching, unless the course begins on the first day of the month. RAO will process all paperwork as quickly as possible; however, when forms leave our office we cannot control how quickly they are sent through other offices. It is possible that online instructors will be paid even later than the month after classes begin.


Online Instructor Pay


Special Note:  Enrollment to determine pay is taken on a specific day.  RAO will not change the payment amount on the Personnel Action Form (PA) after this date should enrollment change. 


Spring & Fall Semesters

Full Semester Courses:  enrollments are taken the day after the last day students can add a full semester course during the fall and spring semesters. 

Second Half Semester Courses: taken the day after the course starts. 


Winter Term & Summer: 

Enrollment is taken the day after the course begins.