American Abstract Artists

Wrather West Kentucky Museum

N 16th Street
Murray, KY 42071

The Clara M. Eagle Gallery will present the American Abstract Artists 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio at Wrather West Kentucky Museum from January 17 - February 24, 2017. This exhibit will complement a concurrent Daniel G. Hill solo exhibition in the Mary Ed Mecoy Hall Gallery at Price Doyle Fine Arts Center from January 17 through February 23, 2017. Hill is the President of the American Abstract Artists group.


The American Abstract Artists’ AAA 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio exhibition consists of 48 framed archival inkjet prints, original works created for this portfolio, and includes an introduction written by Robert Storr. A member of the American Abstract Artists, Robert Storr is a painter, curator, critic and Dean of the Yale School of Art. This 75th anniversary portfolio by AAA marks a willingness to endorse progressive technologies and to advance an artistic tradition. The previous AAA print portfolios (1937, 1987, and 1997) were created using more traditional forms of printmaking such as lithography and other plate-based printing methods. The current President of AAA, Daniel G. Hill, explains that the “digital process enabled a wide variety of approaches that include abstract and documentary photography, scanning of flat-work made expressly for the project, digital compositing and image manipulation, as well as the use of vector-based software and hand-coded algorithms.” The AAA 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio resulted in a collection of works presenting an awareness of changing artistic sensibilities in a contemporary and evolving digital era.


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Tuesday, 17 January, 2017

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