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“Very thankful for the very impactful relationships this experience provided me with; I have a lot of best friends now no matter how far away they live. Best summer ever. I'm very thankful for all the leaders have done for me because it has prepared me for my future! ” - '13

“CHA is more than a camp. It is full of exciting, challenging, and fun experiences. The people you meet will encourage and guide you. CHA is an Academy; the craziest, most fun and exhilarating thing you could ever do with 3 weeks of your summer. ” - '09

“CHA is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. It opened my eyes to so many things and I made so many great friends. The activities are so fun and the faculty/staff was so amazing. The only thing I would change would be to make it longer! ” - '11

“CHA was definitely a life changing experience for me. I gained a lot of confidence in myself as well as gained over one hundred new members of my family. My only complaint was that it didn't last long enough! I would absolutely recommend applying for this wonderful program. I promise you won't regret it if you go. ” - '12

“CHA made me feel more prepared for college; but, more importantly, it showed me the value of surrounding myself with people who will bring out the best in me. I can’t recommend CHA enough to anyone who likes being challenged and being around intelligent, open-minded people. ” - '10

“Handicapped students need not worry; they take excellent care of you here! ” - '09

“CHA was a great experience. It changed my life by teaching me to be an individual, to think about my opinion and to help others. I have learned more in these three weeks than I think I have in my entire school career. This was an awesome experience and I will always keep the memories and knowledge I gained here. ” - '08

“I came to CHA hoping to learn and make friends, but what I got was so much more than that. Through my classes and other CHA activities, I gained deep insights into the world around me. More importantly, I developed some of the most rich, life-changing relationships at CHA. ” - '10

“This experience is very special to me in the sense that I have made so many more friends and had so many new experiences that help me learn more about the world around me ” - '13

“CHA was one of the best experiences of my life! I learned a ton about college, life, and myself. I feel prepared to go to college now that I have attended and I am looking forward to it! I am glad I attended this summer and wouldn’t change anything about the experience. ” - '11

“These have been some of the most enriching, fulfilling, fun, challenging, funny, and just flat out greatest three weeks of my life. Thank you CHA! ” - '10

“I would say the greatest change has been a greater passion/ interest in social justice and the issues that will shape his life in the future. I would also say Cha has greatly helped key critical thinking skills. To be able to conceptualize and understand opinion and experience other than his own.”

“The CHA experience has given my daughter an idea of the expectations and demands of her time that she will encounter her first year of college. I feel she is better prepared to time manage now she had the experience at CHA.”

“The first words out of my son's mouth when he got home was “this experience changed me.” He has helped to start projects - added even more activities to his already busy schedule, and had the confidence to commit to them for the long haul- realizing that he may not see immediate results.”

“She is more independent, self-confident. Willing to push herself outside of her comfort zone. Has become a much more confident leader. Has a clearer picture of what she wants her future academic life to encompass.”

“He was hesitant because he didn’t know anyone and had never been away from home. When he was picked up, he was totally different – he had made CHA his home.”

“The child that entered the campus was not the adult that came home. A more confident, independent, focused woman was born. As a father, I was truly amazed.”

“He wants to talk to his teachers about the things he learned in his CHA classes. He wants to show off in his classes at high school the things he learned at CHA. He has better study habits. He is more willing to do work beyond what his high school teacher has assigned. He is thinking about college and his future more.”

“She is much more focused on her studies this year. She is taking four dual credit classes and is planning for and looking forward to next year. The only drawback is that after attending CHA, she wanted to skip her senior year and start college at MSU.”

“He volunteered to work at his school to help prepare it for the new academic year. He was very proud of his contributions of painting and helping design the school mascot on the wall of the senior lounge.”

 “It has caused her to likely choose Murray State for college. She would never consider it otherwise.”

“The introduction to ‘dorm life’ was very valuable as well as the experience of being completely responsible for being to class on time and meeting all course requirements.”

“He seemed to be a littler happier overall and more enthusiastic about learning.”

“Knowing that she has gone through the program has given her the confident to be patient with learning. She does not stress out as much when she doesn’t get a subject immediately.”

“Our son seems to be more relaxed regarding his approaching college education.”

“My daughter now has the confidence, poise, and bearing to take on the rest of her life.”

“He is more willing to try new things and is not afraid of failure.”


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