For Academic Advisors

For Academic Advisors

New Faculty Orientation Academic Advising Information -- click HERE.

Registration 101 (ppt) click HERE -- how to help students to register for classes, view their schedules, use advanced search features, and more

Transfer Advising (ppt) click HERE -- Transfer students are sent to Advisors as soon as they are admitted -- how to help Transfer Students use as much prior credit as possible

Advising Checklist click HERE

Advanced Scheduling Training for Undergraduate Academic Advisors -- click HERE (updated 3/2015) (if link does not work, copy/paste into your browser window: This training will be updated by 10/2015.

How to Read a RACR -- click HERE (updated 8/2015)

  • All undergraduate Academic Advisors use RACR (Racer Academic Completion Report) to track student progress to degree and to advise effectively.
  • The training takes under 10 minutes. It is indexed for easy future reference.
  • Assistance with RACR:

MAP-Works Basics -- click HERE (updated 3/2015) (if link does not work, copy/past into your browser window:

  • MAP-Works is a retention tool that can provide an Academic Advisor with valuable input on student progress, success, challenges.
  • Faculty and Academic Advisors use MAP-Works to submit Referrals for students with academic or other difficulties. 
  • MAP-Works reports include Academic Updates, midterm grades, and a wealth of other information. 
  • Assistance with MAP-Works:

Academic Advising Checklist -- Undergraduate -- click HERE (updated 8/2015)

  • Checklist provides information on preparing for and completing undergraduate Academic Advising.
  • Assistance with Academic Advising: contact your Department Chair or Program Coordinator or Dr. Barbara Cobb, Coordinator of Academic Advising



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