For Academic Advisors

Advanced Scheduling Refresher Training video with voice-over, 11:30, HERE; OR PPT Show HERE and Transcript HERE - please complete training and quiz (linked HERE; access code is found in the presentation) before Advanced Scheduling Academic Advising -- DEADLINE October 30th.

CORRECTION: on Bulletin in force: Students may choose any unexpired Bulletin from the date that the student entered post-secondary education to the present. Students MAY move forward OR backward in choosing Bulletin in force. Students can use RACR What-If to view their programs in a different Bulletin.

New/Intensive Academic Advisor Training PPT - click HERE.

Registration 101 (ppt) click HERE - how to help students to register for classes, view their schedules, use advanced search features, and more

Transfer Advising (ppt) click HERE - Transfer students are sent to Advisors as soon as they are admitted -- how to help Transfer Students use as much prior credit as possible

How to Read a RACR - click HERE (updated 8/2015) All undergraduate Academic Advisors use RACR (Racer Academic Completion Report) to track student progress to degree and to advise effectively. Assistance with RACR:

Mapworks: Currently Mapworks is not functioning properly. All universities using Mapworks are afflicted, and Mapworks is working with the Murray State University Retention Office to resolve the problem. Information and training will be available once Mapworks is fully functional again.

Academic Advising Checklist - Undergraduate - click HERE (updated 8/2015) Checklist provides information on preparing for and completing undergraduate Academic Advising.

Assistance with Academic Advising: contact your Department Chair or Program Coordinator or Dr. Barbara Cobb, Coordinator of Academic Advising