Rights and Responsibilities of Permit Holders

It shall be the responsibility of the recipient to secure the permit from theft or loss. The person to whom the permit is issued will be responsible for all violations received against the permit regardless of current status at the university or lack of knowledge of current parking regulations. It is the permit owner’s responsibility to surrender to the Public Safety office their permit when leaving the university to ensure no one can utilize and receive tickets on their permit. The purchase of a permit does not guarantee the holder a parking place, but only an opportunity to park on university property. If a parking zone is full, ample parking is available in the parking lot at 17th and Hamilton; at Roy Stewart Stadium; and the Sorority suites lot at Poplar and Brentwood . A permit signifies that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on university property. Permits must be properly displayed on the rear-view mirror the day issued. A vehicle may receive a citation ($60) for “No registration permit displayed” if the permit does not appear in the proper location. If the permit cannot be displayed in the proper location, a stick-on permit may be obtained in lieu of a hangtag. The stick-on permit must be placed in the lower corner of the driver’s side front windshield.

At the time of registration, students, faculty, and staff will be required to list all vehicles in which the parking permit will be displayed.

Non-compliance in registration of your vehicle as a student, faculty, staff, or visitor could result in any or all of the following:

• First violation will result in your account being charged a fine.

• Additional violations for failure to register vehicle and display permit will be charged $60 per violation.

• May result in your vehicle being towed and/or loss of parking privileges on campus.

Permits should be removed from the vehicle when there is a change in car ownership, the permit has expired, or vehicle is left for maintenance or repairs to prevent theft of permit.

The Parking office must be informed of new vehicle information when a registered vehicle is replaced or its license plate changed.

Deliberate falsification of records and/or information pertaining to the registration of your vehicle may result in the rejection of the parking application, a parking citation for “false registration” with a $90 fine, and denial of parking privileges on the MSU campus. The purchase of a permit certifies that you have secured the permit for your own use and no other.