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Budget Planning and Review

Graphic Overview of the Process (PDF)

Non-Collegiate Teams (3)

  • Programs and Services for People
    Student programs and services generally (including Residential College, Honors, etc.), outreach programs, athletics, international education, health and wellness services, diversity programs, student scholarships, camps and academies

  • Organizational Efficiencies 
    Auxiliary programs, ISIIT, HR, procurement, facilities, travel and fleet, enrollment services (including recruitment and admissions), marketing and media, extended campus operations

  • Alternative Revenue
    Generation Pricing strategy (waivers and discounts), fees-for-service, student fees, retail pricing, rental space, advertising placement, asset management (including property), use of third party vendors


Academic Teams (9) 


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General Timeline

August 30, 2012
Budget Review Team Kick-off Meeting 

Sept.-Oct. 2012
Establish Metrics Around the
Anchoring Criteria

Nov.-Dec. 2012
Apply Metrics for Program Review

Dec. 2012
Preliminary Reports to the President 

Late Feb. 2013
BPR Team Recommendations to the President

March. 2013
Campus Public Forums/Hearings on Draft Recommendations

March-April 2013
Presentation of Final Recommendations to Board of Regents 

July 1, 2013
First Phase Implementation
(followed by further review of items identified)

Team Rosters

All 12 Teams