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Free Assessment for Developmental Course Requirements

All Kentucky public colleges and universities are mandated by the Council on Post-Secondary Education to enroll students in appropriate developmental courses when the students' ACT scores are below 18 in English, below 19 in Mathematics, and/or below 20 in Reading. 

Students with a score below 20 in Reading (ACT's 3rd score) are strongly encouraged to take a reading placement test prior to, or while attending Summer Orientation. A strong score on this reading test allows a student to be placed into a higher level course. A similar test is available for English. Bring a copy of all ACT scores to your Summer Orientation session if you plan to take one of the assessment tests.

Reading and English Assessment Tests Will Be Given the Day of Summer Orientation.

From 7:15-8:15 a.m. in the Freed Curd Auditorium (Room 231) at Collins Industry and Technology Center during each orientation. This will be available the morning of ALL Summer Orientation sessions. 
If you are taking your test the day of Summer Orientation, please arrive early to be seated well before 7:15. Parents are invited to attend an information session in Room 237 while their students are testing. For more information about developmental studies, please call the Murray State University Center for Academic Success at 270-809-2666.

Mathematics Assessment Test 

Students with an ACT Score below 19 in Mathematics or who’s ACT score places them in a course which does not count toward their degree, will be contacted prior to their Summer Orientation session with information regarding the free ALEKS PPL Math Placement Assessment.  For more information regarding the mathematics placement test, please contact Dr. Ed Thome, Chair of the Department Mathematics and Statistics at 270.809.3718 or ethome@murraystate.edu. 

NOTE: Due to the time needed to get you checked in for your Summer Orientation session, you will take the Assessment test BEFORE you check-in for orientation. After your test, please go to the Stables in the Curris Center, where you will be checked in. 

Foreign Language Placement Exam

All incoming students who

  1. plan to take a foreign language at Murray State AND
  2. have had previous experience in the study of that language

should take the WebCAPE Foreign Language Placement Exam and bring the resulting score to Murray State University's Summer Orientation.

Go to the Department of Modern Languages Placement Policy and follow the links to take the on-line WebCAPE language placement exam. Please note that there is a $10 charge for the placement exam.

Score 250 and above and receive up to 12 college credits in a foreign language at a greatly reduced cost.

Credits can be earned based on competency level as ascertained by placement exam scores and other requirements. Taking this exam does not guarantee issuance of "reduced cost" credits. Please see the web site above for full details.

ACT Residual Testing

ACT Residual Testing is available for students who need to take the ACT test for admission to Murray State University. There are limitations on the use of the scores. Contact the Office of Recruitment at (270) 809-2999 for more information on limitations or for general test information.

Credit by Examination (CLEP)

Murray State University accepts a wide range of credit by examination. Prospective students who have completed AP examinations should make certain that Murray State University has received an official copy of scores. A list of tests, necessary scores, and courses for which AP credit is offered may be found at: Testing Center. Contact the Jennifer Husemann at (270) 809-3342 for more information on AP tests.

The College Level Examination Program Tests (CLEP), are available in a variety of subject areas. Students wishing to take the CLEP tests may download a registration form from: Testing Center. Students may take CLEP tests at any CLEP test site and have scores sent to Murray State University.

CLEP tests will be offered several times during the summer. The fee for each CLEP test taken at Murray State University is $80.00 payable to CLEP and $15.00 payable to Murray State University. A list of courses for which CLEP credit is available may be found at: Testing Center.

Contact the Counseling and Testing Center at (270) 809-6851 for more information.