Withdrawing From School


Before you withdraw, have you utilized these FREE resources available to you?

Career Services

– Feeling lost and don’t know what you want to do in college and beyond? Career Services can help you determine your strengths, future career goals, and what might be the best major for you. They can help you gain real-world experience and exposure through internships, workshops, career fairs, and international opportunities.

100 Oakley Applied Science

University Counseling Services

– Are stress, loneliness, homesickness, depression, or relationships forcing you to consider withdrawing? You are not alone. University Counseling Services works with students struggling with similar issues. They want to help you, too. Contact them for a free and confidential appointment.
104C Oakley Applied Science

Financial Aid

– Don’t know how you are going to continue to pay for college? Financial Aid provides a host of financial opportunities such as grants, loans, part-time employment, and scholarships. They are committed to working with you to address any financial concerns you may have. Tell them your story and see how they can help.
500 Sparks Hall

Flexible course scheduling

– Uncomfortable with the traditional college schedule and don’t know how to make it fit your needs? There are many flexible options available, such as half-semester classes, distance classes, on-line classed, and correspondence classes. Talk honestly with your Academic Advisor about your needs and see how our flexibility can work for you.

Active Duty Deployment

– Are you serving in the United States Military and have been called to duty? You may be entitled to a 100% refund of your tuition. You will need to submit your withdrawal request via myGate AND provide proper documentation to the Registration Office as soon as possible. The link to "Withdraw All Courses" is found on myGate under the "Academics" tab. Additional information can be provided by the Registration Office.
Basement Sparks Hall

Student Disabilities Services

– Do you have a documented disability or think you might have one? Student Disability Services provides many services, including but not limited to quiet and extended test times, audio textbooks, tutoring, academic advising, and testing for possible disabilities.
423 Wells Hall


– Do you wish you had someone to help you understand that course just a little bit better? There is free help available just for you. Free tutoring and advising are services offered through the Murray State Community College. You want to be successful in the classroom, and they want to help you.
101 Lowry Center

Veterans Affairs

– Are you a Veteran and want information and help specific to you and your needs? Have questions about the educational benefits due to you and/or your dependents? The Veterans Affairs Office is your place to go. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and eager to serve you.
110B Sparks Hall