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July 2013
Pay Increase!
New Life & AD&D Insurance Options
KERS Changes
KTRS Changes
Employee Tuition Waivers Dates & Changes
LWOP and Policies
Racer Wellness Classes Now Open to Spouses
Racer Wellness Fall Health Fair, Oct. 23
Racer Wellness Incentive Plan
Employees Working 30 Hours per Week To Be Offered Medical Insurance Effective 1-1-2015
I-9 Processing Changes Clarification
Personnel Manual Available in Print
Job Audit Questionnaire Revised
Tip of the Month Free Wellness Physical Exam by Your Doctor
Who Handles What in HR?
Serving you in HR

Pay Increase!
All regular faculty & staff with satisfactory performance employed before April 1, 2013 received a 3.5% increase to base pay effective July 1.  Employees paid on a bi-weekly basis will see this beginning in the July 26 paycheck.  The hourly pay grade structure increased by 2.5% and is available here.

New Life & AD&D Insurance Options
Effective July 1, 2013, participants in Murray State's supplemental life insurance and accidental death & dismembers plan have a slight reduction in premiums from $0.26 down to $0.24 per $1,000 of coverage.  The $10,000 life and AD&D insurance coverage provided by the university remains unchanged.
Also, any full-time faculty or staff member may participate in a special mid-year enrollment period from now to September 15, 2013.  Up to $250,000 coverage may be purchased with no evidence of insurability (EOI).  Coverage from $250,000 to $500,000 may be purchased with EOI.  New applications are available at this link and must be sent to HR before September 15, 2013.  More details are available from HR's benefits staff.

KERS Changes
Pension reform legislation passed by the 2013 Kentucky General Assembly will create a new pension plan, restrict COLA increases for retirees in some situations, and change some aspects of governance.  The new pension plan will apply only to employees in positions that do not require a Bachelor's degree (mostly hourly staff) that are hired on or after January 1, 2014.  News about this will be announced on HR's website and here in Personnel Matters, as it comes available.  Click here for a brief article describing these changes.

KTRS Changes
Effective July 1, 2013, employee contribution rates for participants hired prior to July 1, 2008 were raised to 7.16% from 6.84%.   MSU's contribution rates were raised to 14.84% from 14.52%.  These rates are now identical to those paid for those persons hired on or after July 1, 2008.

Employee Tuition Waivers Dates & Changes
Some changes have occurred in eligibility for graduate level classes.  See chart and other details at the bottom of the Tuition Waiver Policy.

Deadlines for applying for tuition waivers are the following drop/add dates::

Thursday, Aug 22 – First of the two half semesters
Monday, Aug 26 - Full semester courses
Thursday, Oct 17 - Second of the two half semesters

LWOP and Policies
All leave must be covered by a policy such as vacation or sick leave.  Leave Without Pay (LWOP), when it is used, must be covered by a policy such as Family Medical Leave.  HR staff have composed a Frequently Asked Questions list to explain details.

Racer Wellness Classes Now Open to Spouses
After previously being available only to faculty, staff, and retirees, free Wellness classes are now available to employees' spouses.  See the summer class schedule and all of the activities at the Faculty & Staff Wellness website.

Racer Wellness Fall Health Fair, Oct. 23
Fall 2013 Health Fair will be Wednesday, October 23
Pre-draw for Health Fair will be Tuesday, October 8.

Racer Wellness Incentive Plan
Step 1 – Complete your Health Risk Assessment (Now titled, "Well-Being Assessment."  Both terms will be used until Dec. 31 to reduce confusion.)

Step 2 – Reach Navy / Silver / Gold levels and provide completed packets to Health Services staff (Wells Hall). 

Deadline for completion and submittal is Friday, December 6th at 4:30PM.

More details are available at the Racer Wellness website including a Frequently Asked Question list, an overview, and a Physical Activity Log.

Employees Working 30 Hours per Week To Be Offered Medical Insurance Effective 1-1-2015
While many details must be arranged, the healthcare reform act requires large employers like Murray State to offer medical insurance to employees who average 30 hours or more a week.  As HR staff were preparing for this, the IRS moved the required implementation date to January 1, 2015 from a year earlier.  However, HR staff may begin tracking hours worked on or around January 1, 2014.  More details will be announced in the months ahead.


I-9 Processing Changes Clarification - Now Done Exclusively in HR for Regular, Adjunct, & Temporary employees
As mentioned in a Personnel Matters article released in March, the mandatory Form I-9 was revised on March 8, 2013.  Due to this change, HR will now process all Form I-9 documents for new hires and re-hires of any regular, adjunct, or temporary employees.  All student I-9s will continue to be processed via Student Employment's guidelines in the Student Employment Office.

As a reminder, all new hires and any employee who is returning after any break in service MUST come to Human Resources no sooner than the date an offer is accepted and no later than the first day of employment.  Unique circumstances may be discussed with the employment staff: Kayla Johnson for non-exempt hiring (kjohnson48@...* and 270-809-2147) or Nancy Clendenin for exempt hiring (nclendenin@...* and 270-809-2153).  Please remember that, if an I-9 is not properly completed, the start date may be delayed.

Personnel Matters Available in Print
Send a request to for an up-to-date printed copy of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual for your department.

Job Audit Questionnaire Revised
Sections 1 & 4 have been rearranged and some changes in routing are just some of the changes made to the Job Audit Questionnaire found at this link.  Job Audits can only be done prior to Feb. 28, 2014 to be effective FY 2014-15.  Only in rare circumstances (e.g., when a job is vacant or when creating a new job) can job changes resulting from a job audit be effective before July 1, 2014.  Contact Haley Stedelin for details.

Tip of the Month Free Wellness Physical Exam by Your Doctor
Each year, participants in the MSU medical plan are eligible for one free physical exam. When making an appointment for this, be sure to state that this is to be a free preventive care exam, so that extra tests are not con-ducted that might result in extra charges. Many tests are available for free at the twice-annual Health Fairs too.

Who Handles What in HR?
On this web page, see the entire list of HR services listed on one page along with the HR staff member who handles each service. See the entire HR staff & their photos at this link.

Serving you in HR

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Mary Mays
Benefits Manager

Allison Graham
Asst. Benefits Manager

Marcie Clark
Benefits Specialist


Haley Stedelin
Coordinator of Employment & Compensation

Kayla Johnson
Employment Spec- Non-exempt Hiring

Nancy Clendenin
Employment Spec-Exempt Hiring

Employee Relations, Training and Workers' Comp

Courtney Hixon
Manager of Employee Relations & Training

Emily Evans
Employment Specialist


Lauren Smee
Wellness Coordinator

General HR Questions

Whitney Prescott
Admin Asst II

Tom Hoffacker
Director of HR

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