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May 2010
Summer Hours, Fall Break & Energy Savings Days
Non-Exempt Compensation Study
Leave Reporting Clarification
FSA Reimbursement
Bike to Work Week is May 17-21
Hiring of International Employees
Temporary Employment
Serving you in HR

Summer Hours, Fall Break & Energy Savings Days
Summer hours will start on Monday, June 7 and end on Friday, July 30. The new summer office hours will be 7:30 to 4:00

Fall Break has been extended so that faculty & staff have Friday, October 1 as a holiday. In addition, faculty have Thursday, September 30 as a holiday.

Also, 3 days of holiday time off have been arranged for the 2010 Christmas holidays. Called "Energy Savings Days," these are not a change in policy and they may not be implemented in future years.

See the full list of holidays and details regarding summer hours here.

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Non-Exempt Compensation Study
The results are in! Our staff compensation analysis has been completed and final details are being considered and put into place.

The basic findings and actions that will be undertaken are summarized below:

  • Effective January 1, 2011, job titles and the first of several pay increases for certain staff positions will be made (no one will get a pay decrease because of these changes)
  • 275 job titles will be reduced to 140 titles (job tasks are not changing, just job titles)
  • Impacted staff will be moved toward their "target" pay amount per the compensation study
  • The date for the next round of pay increases is undetermined and will depend on future University Budgets
  • Starting pay for new staff MAY be more than minimums, based on prior experience (MSU has typically paid only the minimum for any new hourly staff, no matter the previous experience)
  • Transparency will be a feature of the new plan and all job titles and their pay grades will be posted on the web

Informational meetings will be held during the months ahead to explain features of the new plan.

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Leave Reporting Clarification

A Clarification on Leave Reporting for Exempt Employees (Primarily Faculty) on Less Than 12 Month Contracts

All exempt employees (including faculty members) who work a portion of a month must submit a leave report for that month.  For example, faculty members who work May 1-15 must submit a leave report for the month of May. If a faculty member is not contracted to work in his or her primary job in June or July, then no leave report submission is required for June and July.  Leave reports should not be completed for work outside of the normal primary contract (e.g., Nine-month faculty members should not report leave time for summer school, grant work, or special projects)  Adjuncts never report leave time.

Leave reports may be submitted to approvers prior to the end of the month provided that no work time remains to be fulfilled under a contract; e.g., faculty members may submit leave reports anytime after May 15 and before June 5, the deadline date to submit reports to approvers for the month of May.
When employees return in August, they must complete a leave report for August 15-31, which will be due September 5, 2010.

Approval deadline dates are on Procedures Central under “Payroll Calendar 2010 for Monthly Employees.”

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FSA Reimbursement
All Flexible Spending Account reimbursement claims for 2009 are due in the WageWorks office (not just post-marked) no later than May 31, 2010.

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Bike to Work Week is May 17-21

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Administrative Notes

Hiring of International Employees

The Federal government has revised the process for handling newly hired employees.  The normal length of time for processing is now 26 weeks for an H-1B visa (which is the common work visa for persons working at MSU).  An expedited H-1B visa requires only 15 weeks and an extra $1,000, in addition to the $820 filing fee.  The prevailing wage certification process requires 60 days in addition to the above-mentioned deadline.

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Temporary Employment

All newly hired temporary employees must complete the W-4, K-4, I-9 and other forms found in  This link is on the HR website under Procedures for Temporary Employees on the Hiring Procedures and Forms page.

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Serving you in HR


Beverly Barnes
Assistant Benefits Manager

Mary Armstrong
Benefits Manager


Rita Culver
Admin Secy II for hourly employment

Patrice Chew
Employment Specialist for Fac & Prof Hiring & PA processing

Lori Mathis
Employment Specialist for Temps & PA processing

Teri Ray
Employment Manager

Banner & Workers Comp

Lisa Dick
HRIS Coordinator

Tuition Waivers & General HR Questions

Brittany Mardis
Admin Secy III

Marcie Clark
Admin Secy I


Amelia Dodd
Wellness Plan Coordinator

General HR Questions

Robbie Marine
HR Associate

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