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Policies and procedures


The purpose of the Campus Recreation Office is to provide a comprehensive program of sports activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of Murray State University students, faculty, and staff. Campus Recreation provides opportunities to participate in open, self-directed recreational activities to develop sports skills for lifelong enjoyment, to acquire and maintain an appreciation of physical fitness and leisure, and to participate in activities that enhance social and emotional fitness.


Any person involved in intramural sports is encouraged to become well acquainted with the rules, regulations, and program procedures. It is the responsibility of all participants to abide by the rules, because, in case of infractions, ignorance is never an excuse. The Campus Recreation office and any of its staff reserve the right to rule on any eligibility or sportsmanship matters that interfere with fair and fun competition.


Although the Campus Recreation Office is located in the Student Rec. and Wellness Center, our hours of operation are only Monday – Friday from 8-4:30. The Wellness Center Staff is NOT trained to work with Campus Rec. information and therefore cannot be of assistance outside of the normal operating hours.


All coaches are issued one schedule per season for each event. These schedules may be picked up in the Campus Recreation Office. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform his / her team of all game days, times and reschedules. We do not give schedule information over the phone to eliminate communication errors.


Each sport will have two scheduled meeting time for all team coaches. Rosters will ONLY be accepted during these meetings – please choose ONE as listed on the rule / information sheet. Team participants are also limited due to the particular sport – Softball – 20 and all the others (Football, Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball – 15).


Each year, a small number of injuries occur which require hospital treatment. The nature of intramural sports and sport club activities combined with the large number of participants makes this inevitable. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical exam and secure adequate medical insurance prior to participation. Murray State University and the Campus Recreation Office do not provide medical insurance coverage for intramural sports and sport club participants. Likewise, Campus Recreation does not assume any responsibility for any injuries that are sustained during intramural events.


Please remember, all participation is voluntary.


Individual Eligibility

All enrolled students are eligible for participation as well as ESL students (who are paying an activity fee) and current faculty and staff.


To be considered eligible, players must be identified on the nightly game sheet provided by the Campus Recreation Office. Any player that is not identified will not be allowed to participate in that particular game.


Current college athletes with any association with an MSU varsity team (red shirt, practicing, working out, on the roster, Prop 48, receiving grants or aid) will not be allowed to participate as a player in their sport or related sport (i.e. baseball / softball).