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Intramural Sports offers a wide variety of leagues, such as softball, flag football, volleyball, soccer and basketball throughout each semester.  Students have an opportunity to continue with their sports involvement or try a new sport. There are four separate divisions for most sports: Greek, Independent, Residential College and Recreational.


The Recreational League is designed for those teams that want a less competitive atmosphere. These teams are participating for the "fun of it." A six-team minimum is required for a recreational league to be formed. If interest does not warrant a recreational league, those teams will be put in the Independent League.

Regulations and Interpretation

The purpose of the following intramural sports information is to ensure a positive experience for all that participate.


The Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to rule on any eligibility or sportsmanship matters that interfere with fair and fun competition.


It is the responsibility of each individual participant to know the current rules and regulations governing Campus Recreation activities. Ignorance of any rule shall not excuse violation of the rule. Campus Recreation reserves the right to establish or modify any rule at its discretion.