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Ordering New Resources

Departmental faculty are responsible for purchasing much of the circulating material in the library.  Faculty make decisions on most one-time purchases, like books and media, and -- at appropriate intervals as requested by the Dean of Libraries -- on journal subscriptions for their department.

Here is information on the process for one-time purchases:

Department Representatives
Each department has a faculty member who is asked to coordinate the ordering of books within his or her department and to make certain the departmental allocation is spent each fiscal year. All material requests from faculty should go first to these Department Representatives, who will be responsible for forwarding them to the library’s Acquisitions department. Faculty members are encouraged to recommend materials for purchase that ensure full coverage of the curriculum and that address the research needs of both students and faculty.

Early in the Fall semester each Dean, Department Chair, and Department Representative will receive notification of the new departmental budget allocations. These allocations are derived from a formula developed by the Library & Academic Support Systems Committee of the Academic Council. The variables in the formula include departmental student enrollment, departmental full-time faculty and average cost of materials in the departmental discipline.

How to Request Materials
Requesting materials is primarily done via the Google Departmental Spreadsheet. The Google Departmental Spreadsheet contains a form with all of the data fields required to request an item. A link to this form will be provided to your Departmental Representative early in the semester. From that link, a surrogate can fill out the form. PLEASE NOTE: Instructions for placing requests using the Google Departmental Spreadsheets are included on a separate sheet in the packet for Department Representatives. Talk with them about your department’s procedures and access to the spreadsheet.

Status Reports
Acquisitions has developed an online “portal” using Google Spreadsheets to provide departmental account balance and order status information, updated daily. Each departmental spreadsheet will be published to the web; the URL to that website will be emailed early in the semester to your Department Chair, Department Representative, and Subject Librarian.  Your representative, or designated surrogates as determined by your department, can check this website to see the status of your requests.

Subject Librarians
Each department has a MSU librarian serving as a contact person for faculty. These Subject Librarians can assist you with research instruction, research projects, collection development suggestions, and more.  These Subject Librarians have access to the Google Spreadsheets in order to place “suggestions” for purchase within a tab marked as such. Suggestions can be reviewed and ordered by Departmental Representatives.  Please call or e-mail your Subject Librarian with any questions you may have concerning library services and collections.


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