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Political Science and Sociology

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The Department of Political Science and Sociology offers a major and a minor in political science (government), a public administration major, a major and a minor in international studies, a major and a minor in sociology, and a minor in legal studies (paralegal). Courses in political science are oriented towards the study of domestic and international politics of countries and regions around the world, including the United States. The international studies courses are multidisciplinary and help prepare the student to function and thrive in an increasingly economic, social and political world. The legal studies courses prepare for a professional position as a paralegal or legal assistant to lawyers. The sociology program provides graduates with a solid foundation for careers in business and marketing, social service and non-profits, government agencies as well as other professions.  For more specialized graduate education, all of our programs provide great foundations for graduate studies in such fields as public health, law, social sciences, or a number of other professional fields.

The department's programs help students develop reasoning and analytical skills, build strong oral and written communication skills, and learn statistical analysis and computer technology. When combined with the right minors, graduates can choose careers in law, government, business, international organizations, journalism, campaigns and elections, and teaching to name a few.

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