Business Administration
Business Administration/Accounting Option
Business Administration/E-Business Option 
Career and Technical Education
Clinical Psychology
Early Elementary/Elementary Education
Economics with Emphasis in Finance
Education Rank I Classification
Education Rank II Classification
Endorsement for Crossover to Elementary Counselor (P-8)
Endorsement for Crossover to Secondary Counselor (5-12)
English as a Second Language Endorsement
Environmental Education Endorsement
Exercise and Leisure Studies
General Psychology
Gifted Education Endorsement
Guidance and Counseling
Human Development and Leadership
Individual Intellectual Assessment Endorsement
Instructional Computer Technology Endorsement
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Management of Technology
Mass Communications
Middle School Education
Music Education
Nutrition/Registered Dietitian
Occupational Safety and Health
Organizational Communication
Organizational Communication: Health Care Administration
Pre-K - 12 Principal
Professional Accountancy
Public Administration
Pupil Personnel, Director of 
Reading and Writing
School Administration
School Psychology
School Safety Endorsement
School Superintendent
Secondary Education:
    Biology Specialization
    Business and Marketing Specialization
    Chemistry Specialization
    Earth Science Specialization
    Economics Specialization
    English Specialization
    French, German or Spanish Specialization
    Geography Specialization
    Health Specialization
    History Specialization
    Industrial Education Specialization
    Mathematics Specialization
    Physical Education
    Psychology Specialization
    Teaching Area in Studio Art
Special Education:
    Mild Learning and Behavior Disorders P-12 
    Moderate to Severe Disabilities (P-12)
    Advanced Studies in Learning and Behavior Disorders
Special Education, Director of 
Speech-Language Pathology
Supervision of Instruction
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Telecommunications Systems Management   BPA     SET
Water Science
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