Associate Professor

Department of Geosciences, Murray State University

Murray, KY 42071-3311

Phone: (270) 809-2408    Fax: (270) 809-3276


Regular Courses Taught at Murray State University:

GSC 101 – The Earth and the Environment

GSC 102 – The Earth through Time

GSC 310 – Rock & Mineral Resources

GSC/ARC 314 – Sediments & Soils

      GSC/ARC 390 – Geoarchaeology

ARC 350 – Public Archaeology

ARC 615 – Environmental Archaeology


Research Interests:

North American archaeology with specialization in hunter-gatherer adaptive systems in the Southeastern United States; the interaction between humans and their environments; prehistoric food processing technologies; cultural resource management and public archaeology. Methodological interests include experimental archaeology, microartifact analysis and geoarchaeological investigation of caves and rockshelters.


Recent Publications & Conference Abstracts:

Homsey, Lara K. 2010. The Hunter-Gatherer Use of Caves and Rockshelters in the American Midsouth: A Geoarchaeological and Spatial Analysis of Archaeological Features at Dust Cave. BAR International Series 2129, Archaeopress, Oxford.

Homsey, Lara K., Renee B. Walker, and Kandace D. Hollenbach. 2010. What’s for Dinner? Investigating Food Processing Technologies at Dust Cave, Alabama. Southeastern Archaeology 29:182-196.

Homsey, Lara K. and Sarah C. Sherwood. 2010. The Role of Actualistic Studies in the Interpretation of Prepared Clay Surfaces. Ethnoarchaeology: Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Experimental Studies 2(1):73-98.

Homsey, Lara K. 2010. Human Ecology of the Lower Ohio and Mississippi Valleys: From First Settlement to Contact. Invited paper presented at the Roots & Branches: Migrations to the Lower Ohio and Mississippi Valleys, Center for Delta Studies, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. March 4-6, 2010.

Homsey, Lara and Kayce Humkey (student). 2010. Microartifact Analysis of a Housefloor at Wickliffe Mounds. Poster presented at the 67th annual meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Oct 27-30, 2010. Lexington, KY.

Gardner, Rebecca L. (graduate student) and Lara K. Homsey. 2009. Landscape History and Archaeological Settlement Patterning in the Black Bottom of the Lower Ohio River Valley, Southern Illinois. 2009 Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs: p. 172.

Homsey, Lara K. (2009). The Identification and Prehistoric Selection Criteria of Fire-Cracked Rock: An Example from Dust Cave, Alabama. Southeastern Archaeology 28(1):99-114.

Homsey, Lara K. (2008). Book Review: “Seeking Our Past: An Introduction to North American Archaeology,” edited by Sarah W. Neusius and G. Timothy Gross. Southeastern Archaeology 27:297-298.

Homsey, Lara K. and Rosemary C. Capo. (2006). Integrating Geochemistry and Micromorphology to Identify Feature Use at Dust Cave, a Paleoindian through Middle Archaic Site in Northwest Alabama. Geoarchaeology 21(3):237-269.

Homsey, Lara K. (2006). Book Review of “Techniques in Archaeological Geology,” by Ervan G. Garrison. Geoarchaeology 21: 516-517.


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