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Aside from varsity athletic teams, Murray State has several sport/recreation clubs open for students to enjoy their sport of recreation with fellow students.


Organization: Murray State Rowing

Purpose: Beyond it's physical challenges, Murray State Rowing stresses

teamwork. Trust building is crucial in a sport where everyone is expected to

perform at their very best. With its physical demands, high expectations for

academic success, and team camaraderie, the Murray State University

Rowing Club offers an experience like no other.

Advisor: Dan Lavit

Address: 303 Sparks Hall Murray, KY 42071

President: Carter Jones


Organization: MSU Soccer Club (MSUFC)

Purpose: The purpose of this organization will be to develop

sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct through organized participation in


Advisor: Dieter C. Ullrich

Address: 207 Pogue Library

President: Nate Ronco



Organization: MSU Club Baseball

Purpose: To give college students an opportunity to play baseball in

college and to instill the values of MSU within our members. It also is to

play baseball to our fullest with the gifts God has given us.

Advisor: Mickey Miller

Address: 6026 Hester Residential College, Murray, KY 42071

President: Trevor Engelke




Organization: MSU Rugby Football Club

Purpose: Provide a competitive atmosphere for men to learn and play the

game of rugby against other colleges in and out of the Dixie Conference.

Advisor: Cynthia Gayman

Address: 200 S 6th Street, Murray, KY 42071

President: Kyle Peyton


Organization: MSU Cycling Team 

Purpose: We, the members of the MSU Cycling Team, recognizing the 

need to establish order, increase unity, and promote cycling, do hereby 

ordain and establish this chapter. 

Advisor: Timothy Martell 

Address: 102 N 15th Street, Murray, KY 42071 

President: Michael Agnew